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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018Antioxidant activity and starch-digesting enzyme inhibition of selected thai herb extractsKrittalak Pasakawee; Somdet Srichairatanakool; Thunnop Laokuldilok; Niramon Utama-Ang
2018Antioxidant Activity and Starch-digesting Enzyme Inhibition of Selected Thai Herb ExtractsKrittalak Pasakawee; Somdet Srichairatanakool; Thunnop Laokuldilok; Niramon Utama-ang
12-Jan-2011Antioxidants and antioxidant activity of several pigmented rice bransThunnop Laokuldilok; Charles F. Shoemaker; Sakda Jongkaewwattana; Vanna Tulyathan
1-Jan-2022Changes in content of antioxidants and hydrolytic stability of black rice bran after heat- and enzymatic stabilizations and degradation kinetics during storageYanisa Rattanathanan; Nattapong Kanha; Sukhuntha Osiriphun; Kanyasiri Rakariyatham; Wannaporn Klangpetch; Thunnop Laokuldilok
1-Apr-2020Combination effects of phosphate and NaCl on physiochemical, microbiological, and sensory properties of frozen nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fillets during frozen storageSutee Wangtueai; Jirawan Maneerote; Phisit Seesuriyachan; Yuthana Phimolsiripol; Thunnop Laokuldilok; Suthat Surawang; Joe M. Regenstein
1-Aug-2019Copigmentation of cyanidin 3-O-glucoside with phenolics: Thermodynamic data and thermal stabilityNattapong Kanha; Suthat Surawang; Pornsiri Pitchakarn; Joe M. Regenstein; Thunnop Laokuldilok
1-Jan-2014Deacetylation of chitin and the properties of chitosan films with various deacetylation degreesThipwimon Potivas; Thunnop Laokuldilok
1-Nov-2013Effect of milling on the color, nutritional properties, and antioxidant contents of glutinous black riceThunnop Laokuldilok; Suthat Surawang; Jitra Klinhom
1-Jan-2021EFFECTIVENESS OF FOOD INNOVATION FOR OLDER PERSONS WITH MILD DYSPHAGIASirirat Panuthai; Rojanee Chintanawat; Niramon Utama-ang; Benjamas Suksatit; Thunnop Laokuldilok; Akkasit Jongjareonrak; Suthat Surawang; Peerasak Lerttrakarnnon; Tuenchai Attawong
1-Jan-2015Effects of processing conditions on powder properties of black glutinous rice (Oryza sativa L.) bran anthocyanins produced by spray drying and freeze dryingThunnop Laokuldilok; Nattapong Kanha
1-Jan-2014Effects of spray-drying temperatures on powder properties and antioxidant activities of encapsulated anthocyanins from black glutinous rice branNattapong Kanha; Thunnop Laokuldilok
1-Jul-2021Effects of thermal processing on antioxidant activities, amino acid composition and protein molecular weight distributions of jasmine rice bran protein hydrolysateKanrawee Hunsakul; Thunnop Laokuldilok; Witoon Prinyawiwatkul; Niramon Utama-ang
1-Aug-2020Enhancement of β-carotene-rich carotenoid production by a mutant Sporidiobolus pararoseus and stabilization of its antioxidant activity by microencapsulationAtchara Manowattana; Charin Techapun; Thunnop Laokuldilok; Yuthana Phimolsiripol; Thanongsak Chaiyaso
1-Dec-2019Instrumental characterization of banana dessert gels for the elderly with dysphagiaKamonwan Suebsaen; Benjamas Suksatit; Nattapong Kanha; Thunnop Laokuldilok
1-Feb-2017Microencapsulation of Black Glutinous Rice Anthocyanins Using Maltodextrins Produced from Broken Rice Fraction as Wall Material by Spray Drying and Freeze DryingThunnop Laokuldilok; Nattapong Kanha
1-Nov-2020Microencapsulation of copigmented anthocyanins using double emulsion followed by complex coacervation: Preparation, characterization and stabilityNattapong Kanha; Suthat Surawang; Pornsiri Pitchakarn; Thunnop Laokuldilok
1-Dec-2022Microwave-assisted enzymatic hydrolysis to produce xylooligosaccharides from rice husk alkali-soluble arabinoxylanWannaporn Klangpetch; Alisa Pattarapisitporn; Suphat Phongthai; Niramon Utama-ang; Thunnop Laokuldilok; Pipat Tangjaidee; Tri Indrarini Wirjantoro; Pannapapol Jaichakan
1-Jan-2022On-package indicator films based on natural pigments and polysaccharides for monitoring food quality: a reviewNattapong Kanha; Sukhuntha Osiriphun; Kanyasiri Rakariyatham; Wannaporn Klangpetch; Thunnop Laokuldilok
1-Jan-2020Optimization of process parameters for foam mat drying of black rice bran anthocyanin and comparison with spray- and freeze-dried powdersNattapong Kanha; Joe M. Regenstein; Thunnop Laokuldilok
7-Feb-2018Optimization of simultaneously enzymatic fructo- and inulo-oligosaccharide production using co-substrates of sucrose and inulin from Jerusalem artichokeArthitaya Kawee-ai; Nuntinee Ritthibut; Apisit Manassa; Churairat Moukamnerd; Thunnop Laokuldilok; Suthat Surawang; Sutee Wangtueai; Yuthana Phimolsiripol; Joe M. Regenstein; Phisit Seesuriyachan