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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Apr-2020Comparison between simulations and experiment for heat transfer characteristics in the re-burning kiln heat exchangerPiyathida Panyoyai; Samerkhwan Tantikul; Thanasit Wongsiriamnuay; Tipapon Khamdaeng; Nakorn Tippayawong; Numpon Panyoyai
1-Jul-2017Densification of corncobs using algae as a binderPimpond Piboon; Nakorn Tippayawong; Thanasit Wongsiriamnuay
2017Densification of Corncobs Using Algae as a BinderPimpond Piboon; Nakorn Tippayawong; Thanasit Wongsiriamnuay
1-Nov-2015Effect of densification parameters on the properties of maize residue pelletsThanasit Wongsiriamnuay; Nakorn Tippayawong
19-Jul-2013Effect of operating conditions on catalytic gasification of bamboo in a fluidized bedThanasit Wongsiriamnuay; Nattakarn Kannang; Nakorn Tippayawong
6-Apr-2020Effect of process conditions on properties of biochar from agricultural residuesWaranya Somparn; Numpon Panyoyai; Tipapon Khamdaeng; Nakorn Tippayawong; Samerkhwan Tantikul; Thanasit Wongsiriamnuay
14-Jun-2019Influence of torrefaction temperature and time on the yields and properties of torrefied biomassNigran Homdoung; Kitikorn Sasujit; Jenjira Uttharuan; Thanasit Wongsiriamnuay; Nakorn Tippayawong
1-Jul-2010Non-isothermal pyrolysis characteristics of giant sensitive plants using thermogravimetric analysisThanasit Wongsiriamnuay; Nakorn Tippayawong
2012Parametric analysis of bio-syngas from gasification of agricultural residues = การวิเคราะห์พารามิเตอร์ของแก๊สสังเคราะห์ชีวภาพจากการแปรสภาพเป็นแก๊สของเศษวัสดุการเกษตร / Thanasit wongsiriamnuayThanasit Wongsiriamnuay
1-Jan-2017Parametric analysis of co-pelletization of corncobs and algae at moderate conditionsNakorn Tippayawong; Pimpond Piboon; Thanasit Wongsiriamnuay
6-Apr-2020Simulation and experimental analysis of shell and tube heat exchanger for the drying systemSongchai Pankaew; Samerkhwan Tantikul; Thanasit Wongsiriamnuay; Tipapon Khamdaeng; Nakorn Tippayawong; Numpon Panyoyai
1-Dec-2010Thermogravimetric analysis of giant sensitive plants under air atmosphereThanasit Wongsiriamnuay; Nakorn Tippayawong