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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Oct-2009Analysis of overhead ground wire sizes in distribution systemsT. Thanasaksiri
1-Jan-2016Comparison of CIGRE Method and IEEE-Flash Software for Back-flashover Rate CalculationsT. Thanasaksiri
3-Nov-2017Comparison of Euler and trapezoidal approaches for capacitor switching transientT. Thanasaksiri
6-Sep-2016Comparison of IEEE and IEC standards for calculations of insulation levels and electrical clearances for 230 kV air insulated substationT. Thanasaksiri
6-Oct-2008Ground potential rise from lightning overvoltage in communication stationT. Thanasaksiri
2-Sep-2013Improving the lightning performance of overhead lines applying additional underbuilt shield wireT. Thanasaksiri
17-Aug-2015Iterative method for clearances and insulation levels based on switching surgeT. Thanasaksiri
12-Aug-2011Lightning flashover rates of overhead distribution lines applying volt time curve from testing and IEEE Std.1410-2004T. Thanasaksiri
30-Jul-2010Lightning performance of covered conductors overhead distribution linesT. Thanasaksiri
12-Nov-2008The lightning performance of overhead distribution line installed MOV and CLAH surge arrestersT. Thanasaksiri
1-Jan-2015Modeling of recloser operation schemes under system ground fault using EMTP-ATPDrawT. Thanasaksiri
1-Jul-2019Simulation of pv system using EMTP-ATPdrawT. Thanasaksiri
2-Oct-2012Studies of lightning overvoltages of 115 kV CMU GIS substationT. Thanasaksiri