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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2005Air side performance at low Reynolds number of cross-flow heat exchanger using crimped spiral finsAtipoang Nuntaphan; T. Kiatsiriroat; C. C. Wang
1-Apr-2007Air-cooling enhancement with delta winglet vortex generators in entrance region of in-line array electronic modulesS. Chomdee; T. Kiatsiriroat
1-Dec-2006Effect of electric field on heat transfer performance of automobile radiator at low frontal air velocityS. Vithayasai; T. Kiatsiriroat; A. Nuntaphan
4-Nov-2008Effect of internal cooling/heating coil on adsorption/regeneration of solid desiccant tray for controlling air humidityB. N. Hung; A. Nuntaphan; T. Kiatsiriroat
1-May-2005EHD enhanced heat transfer in wavy channelN. Kasayapanand; T. Kiatsiriroat
1-Feb-2009Enhanced heat transfer in partially open square cavities with thin fin by using electric fieldN. Kasayapanand; T. Kiatsiriroat
1-May-2006Enhancement of air cooling in staggered array of electronic modules by integrating delta winglet vortex generatorsS. Chomdee; T. Kiatsiriroat
1-Jan-2007Experimental study on heat transfer enhancement in solar air heater by electric fieldT. Kiatsiriroat; W. Jiatrakul; A. Nuntaphan
1-Feb-2005Heat transfer and friction characteristics of crimped spiral finned heat exchangers with dehumidificationA. Nuntaphan; T. Kiatsiriroat; C. C. Wang
1-Jan-2009Integration of desiccant tray unit with internal cooling for aeration of paddy silo in humid tropical climateB. N. Hung; A. Nuntaphan; T. Kiatsiriroat
13-May-2010Mass transfer kinetics of longan leather between hot air and far-infrared dryingS. Jaturonglumlert; T. Kiatsiriroat
1-Jun-2007Microwave-vapor heat disinfestation on oriental fruit fly eggs in mangoesJ. Varith; W. Sirikajornjaru; T. Kiatsiriroat
15-Dec-2018Multi-criteria optimization for a biomass gasification-integrated combined cooling, heating, and power system based on life-cycle assessmentC. Y. Li; J. Y. Wu; C. Chavasint; S. Sampattagul; T. Kiatsiriroat; R. Z. Wang
1-Feb-2007Numerical modeling of the electrohydrodynamic effect to natural convection in vertical channelsN. Kasayapanand; T. Kiatsiriroat
1-Apr-2006Optimized electrode arrangement in solar air heaterN. Kasayapanand; T. Kiatsiriroat
1-Jan-2007Optimized mass flux ratio of double-flow solar air heater with EHDN. Kasayapanand; T. Kiatsiriroat
15-Jun-2022The ORR activity of nitrogen doped-reduced graphene oxide below decomposition temperature cooperated with cobalt prepared by strong electrostatic adsorption techniqueP. Yaengthip; A. Siyasukh; L. Payattikul; T. Kiatsiriroat; K. Punyawudho
1-Jan-2006Performance analysis and economic consideration of solar ethanol distillation with different types of solar collectorsN. Vorayos; T. Kiatsiriroat; N. Vorayos
1-Jan-2014Performance analysis of a modular adsorption cooling system with sonic vibration in the adsorberW. Ritthong; T. Kiatsiriroat; W. Wongsuwan; A. Nuntaphan
1-Dec-2006Performance analysis of solar ethanol distillationN. Vorayos; T. Kiatsiriroat; N. Vorayos