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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2011Delay-dependent exponential stabilization for uncertain linear systems with interval non-differentiable time-varying delaysT. Botmart; P. Niamsup; V. N. Phat
29-Apr-2013Delay-dependent synchronization for complex dynamical networks with interval time-varying and switched coupling delaysT. Botmart; P. Niamsup
1-Jan-2014Exponential synchronization for hybrid coupled neural networks with time delays via intermittent feedback controlsN. Yotha; T. Mouktonglang; T. Botmart
1-Dec-2013Global synchronization of hybrid coupled neural networks with interval time-varying and unbounded distributed delays via sampled-data feedback controlN. Yotha; T. Botmart; T. Mouktonglang
29-Apr-2013Guaranteed cost control for exponential synchronization of cellular neural networks with mixed time-varying delays via hybrid feedback controlT. Botmart; W. Weera
8-Aug-2017Hybrid adaptive pinning control for function projective synchronization of delayed neural networks with mixed uncertain couplingsT. Botmart; N. Yotha; P. Niamsup; W. Weera
15-Nov-2010Robust exponential stability and stabilizability of linear parameter dependent systems with delaysT. Botmart; P. Niamsup
1-Feb-2009Switching design for exponential stability of a class of nonlinear hybrid time-delay systemsV. N. Phat; T. Botmart; P. Niamsup
1-Apr-2012Synchronization of non-autonomous chaotic systems with time-varying delay via delayed feedback controlT. Botmart; P. Niamsup; X. Liu