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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2021Anthocyanin profile, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial against foodborne pathogens activities of purple rice cultivars in northern ThailandThanawat Pattananandecha; Sutasinee Apichai; Sasithorn Sirilun; Jakaphun Julsrigival; Kasirawat Sawangrat; Fumihiko Ogata; Naohito Kawasaki; Busaban Sirithunyalug; Chalermpong Saenjum
1-Jul-2022Antibacterial Activity against Foodborne Pathogens and Inhibitory Effect on Anti-Inflammatory Mediators’ Production of Brazilin-Enriched Extract from Caesalpinia sappan LinnThanawat Pattananandecha; Sutasinee Apichai; Jakaphun Julsrigival; Fumihiko Ogata; Naohito Kawasaki; Chalermpong Saenjum
1-Aug-2021Antioxidant activity and anti-photoaging effects on uva-irradiated human fibroblasts of rosmarinic acid enriched extract prepared from thunbergia laurifolia leavesThanawat Pattananandecha; Sutasinee Apichai; Jakaphun Julsrigival; Malyn Ungsurungsie; Suched Samuhasaneetoo; Pat Chulasiri; Pakakrong Kwankhao; Supaporn Pitiporn; Fumihiko Ogata; Naohito Kawasaki; Chalermpong Saenjum
1-Aug-2021Cost-effective modern chemical sensor system for soil macronutrient analysis applied to thai sustainable and precision agricultureSutasinee Apichai; Chalermpong Saenjum; Thanawat Pattananandecha; Kitti Phojuang; Siraprapa Wattanakul; Kanokwan Kiwfo; Attachai Jintrawet; Kate Grudpan
1-Oct-2021Development of hplc method for catechins and related compounds determination and standardization in miang (Traditional lanna fermented tea leaf in northern thailand)Sunanta Wangkarn; Kate Grudpan; Chartchai Khanongnuch; Thanawat Pattananandecha; Sutasinee Apichai; Chalermpong Saenjum
1-Feb-2022Enhancement of the Colorectal Chemopreventive and Immunization Potential of Northern Thai Purple Rice Anthocyanin Using the Biotransformation by β-Glucosidase-Producing LactobacillusSasithorn Sirilun; Chaiyavat Chaiyasut; Thanawat Pattananandecha; Sutasinee Apichai; Jakkapan Sirithunyalug; Busaban Sirithunyalug; Chalermpong Saenjum
1-Oct-2022Green and sustainable downscaled procedure using smartphone-based colorimetric determination of fluoroquinolones in extemporaneous syrup formulationsSutasinee Apichai; Nuttharikar Thunyajaroen; Tanyuta Prajongsangsri; Pimchanok Tananchai; Thanawat Pattananandecha; Fumihiko Ogata; Naohito Kawasaki; Kate Grudpan; Chalermpong Saenjum
1-Jan-2022High sensitivity spectrophotometric determination of tetracycline with zirconium chelation by employing simultaneous injection effective mixing analysis (SIEMA): Tetracycline residue in honeyChalermpong Saenjum; Nichapat Pattapong; Thitiya Aunsakol; Thanawat Pattananandecha; Sutasinee Apichai; Hiroya Murakami; Kate Grudpan; Norio Teshima
1-Jan-2018Ion-Exchange Microemulsions for Eliminating Dilute Interferences in Potentiometric DeterminationsSutasinee Apichai; Lu Wang; Nadezda Pankratova; Kate Grudpan; Eric Bakker
1-Jun-2022Local Wisdom and Diversity of Medicinal Plants in Cha Miang Forest in Mae Kampong Village, Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Their Potential for Use as Osteoprotective ProductsTreethip Sukkho; Chartchai Khanongnuch; Saisamorn Lumyong; Jetsada Ruangsuriya; Thanawat Pattananandecha; Sutasinee Apichai; Fumihiko Ogata; Naohito Kawasaki; Chalermpong Saenjum
15-Jan-2020Renewable magnetic ion-selective colorimetric microsensors based on surface modified polystyrene beadsSutasinee Apichai; Lu Wang; Kate Grudpan; Eric Bakker
1-Oct-2021A simple minimized system based on moving drops for antioxidant analysis using a smartphoneSutasinee Apichai; Kajorngai Thajee; Thanawat Pattananandecha; Chalermpong Saenjum; Kate Grudpan
15-Aug-2019A simple platform with moving drops for downscaling chemical analysis incorporating smartphone detectionSutasinee Apichai; Kajorngai Thajee; Wasin Wongwilai; Sunanta Wangkarn; Pathinan Paengnakorn; Chalermpong Saenjum; Kate Grudpan
1-Aug-2022Sustainable Downscaled Catalytic Colorimetric Determination of Manganese in Freshwater Using Smartphone-Based Monitoring Oxidation of 3,3′,5,5′-Tetramethylbenzidine by PeriodateSutasinee Apichai; Parichart Kummuntakoon; Thanawat Pattananandecha; Jakaphun Julsrigival; Kasirawat Sawangrat; Fumihiko Ogata; Naohito Kawasaki; Kate Grudpan; Chalermpong Saenjum