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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019Active Ageing Level and Time Use of Elderly Persons in a Thai Suburban CommunityAutchariya Punyakaew; Suchitporn Lersilp; Supawadee Putthinoi
1-Jan-2018Correlation between the well-being of children and caregiversSuchitporn Lersilp; Supawadee Putthinoi
13-Nov-2016Daily living activities of home-bound elderly in a northern Thai suburban communitySupawadee Putthinoi; Suchitporn Lersilp; Nopasit Chakpitak
1-Jan-2017Development and Reliability of the Basic Skill Assessment Tool for Adolescents with Autism Spectrum DisorderMaethisa Pongsaksri; Suchitporn Lersilp; Sumana Suchart
1-Jan-2020Development and Usability Testing of an Emergency Alert Device for Elderly People and People with DisabilitiesSuchitporn Lersilp; Supawadee Putthinoi; Peerasak Lerttrakarnnon; Patima Silsupadol
Jun-2023The Development of decision support system to promote active ageing for older peopleSupawadee Putthinoi; Suchitporn Lersilp; Hsiu-Yun Hsu; Autchariya Punyakaew
Mar-2022Development of decision support system to provide occupational therapy service during transition periods for students with disabilitiesSuchitporn Lersilp; Supawadee Putthinoi; Hsu, Hsiu-Yun; Kewalin Panyo
1-Jan-2018Development of Health Informatics for caring for children in Occupational Therapy service communitiesKewalin Panyo; Supawadee Putthinoi; Suchitporn Lersilp
1-Jan-2020Development of Learning Media for the Elderly to Promote Child Health in the CommunityNapalai Chaimaha; Supawadee Putthinoi; Suchitporn Lersilp
2-Oct-2017Effectiveness of therapeutic programs for students with ADHD with executive function deficitsNapalai Chaimaha; Sarinya Sriphetcharawut; Suchitporn Lersilp; Supaporn Chinchai
1-Jan-2017Home Features and Assistive Technology for the Home-Bound Elderly in a Thai Suburban Community by Applying the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and HealthSupawadee Putthinoi; Suchitporn Lersilp; Nopasit Chakpitak
1-Jan-2018Information Management for the Assistive Technology Provision in Community: Perspectives of Local Policymakers and Health Service ProvidersSuchitporn Lersilp; Supawadee Putthinoi; Sayaka Okahashi
1-Jan-2021Learning Environments of Preschool Children Who Have Different Learning Styles and Sensory BehaviorsSuchitporn Lersilp; Supawadee Putthinoi; Napalai Chaimaha
1-Jan-2021Occupational Therapy Service during Transitional Periods in Special Education SchoolsKewalin Panyo; Suchitporn Lersilp; Supawadee Putthinoi; Hsiu Yun Hsu
1-Jan-2022Relationship between Cognitive Performance and Visual Motor Integration in Preschool Children in A Community: A Pilot StudyRames Chanpirom; Suchitporn Lersilp; Supawadee Putthinoi; Napalai Chaimaha
1-Jan-2014Reliability of the dynamic occupational therapy cognitive assessment for children (DOTCA-CH): Thai version of orientation, spatial perception, and thinking operations subtestsThikamporn Rangson; Supaporn Chinchai; Sarinya Sriphetcharawut; Suchitporn Lersilp
1-Jan-2022Time use in elderly people at the low active aging level: a qualitative studyAutchariya Punyakaew; Suchitporn Lersilp; Supawadee Putthinoi; Hsiu Yun Hsu
1-Jan-2022Training Program to Modify Manual Wheelchairs to Simplified Power Wheelchairs for Community Dwelling Elderly People and CaregiversSuchitporn Lersilp; Supawadee Putthinoi; Theeratorn Lersilp; Kewalin Panyo; Autchariya Punyakaew
1-Jan-2021Transition Service in the Occupational Therapy Process for Students with Disabilities: A Systematic ReviewKewalin Panyo; Suchitporn Lersilp; Supawadee Putthinoi; Hsiu Yun Hsu
1-Mar-2019Use of information technology for communication and learning in secondary school students with a hearing disabilityTheeratorn Lersilp; Suchitporn Lersilp