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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2005Antimycobacterial and antiplasmodial unsaturated carboxylic acid from the twigs of Scleropyrum wallichianumApichart Suksamrarn; Matee Buaprom; Saifon Udtip; Nuchnipa Nuntawong; Rachada Haritakun; Somdej Kanokmedhakul
1-Feb-2013Concise synthesis of α-substituted 2-benzofuranmethamines and other 2-subsituted benzofurans via α-substituted 2-benzofuranmethyl carbocation intermediatesNikhom Wongsa; Ubonta Sommart; Thunwadee Ritthiwigrom; Arife Yazici; Somdej Kanokmedhakul; Kwanjai Kanokmedhakul; Anthony C. Willis; Stephen G. Pyne
2018Diversity of Endophytic Fungi Isolated from Thai Medicinal Plants (Casearia grewiifolia) in Khon Kaen, Thailand, and their Bioactive CompoundsNatanong Yodsing; Somdej Kanokmedhakul; Wiyada Mongkolthanaruk; Tadanori Aimi; Totsaporn Srisapoomi; Sophon Boonlue
1-Jan-2020First report of secondary metabolites, Violaceol I and Violaceol II produced by endophytic fungus, Trichoderma polyalthiae and their antimicrobial activityKatesaraporn Nuankeaw; Boonyanoot Chaiyosang; Thanapat Suebrasri; Somdej Kanokmedhakul; Saisaamorn Lumyong; Sophon Boonlue
2016Helvolic Acid, A Secondary Metabolite Produced by Neosartorya spinosa KKU-1NK1 and Its Biological ActivitiesWareerat Sanmanoch; Wiyada Mongkolthanaruk; Somdej Kanokmedhakul; Tadanori Aimi; Sophon Boonlue
1-Dec-2020Novel endophytic fungi with fungicidal metabolites suppress sclerotium diseaseThanapat Suebrasri; Apisara Somteds; Hiroyuki Harada; Somdej Kanokmedhakul; Sanun Jogloy; Jindarat Ekprasert; Saisamorn Lumyong; Sophon Boonlue