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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2016Estimation of anisotropy parameters, δ and ε: An application to borehole and seismic data from Ketzin, GermanyMingkhwan Kruachanta; Suthasinee Kongmongkhol; Monika Ivandic; Suwimon Udphuay; Siriporn Chaisri; Pisanu Wongpornchai; Christopher Juhlin
Nov-2013Fault Delineation Using Magnetic Data in Eastern Part of Chiang Mai Basin, ThailandSiriporn Chaisri; Sarawute Chantraprasert; Chawanun Ninsom
1-May-2018Geological interpretation by peak spectral decomposition envelope attributeGritsadapong Leaungvongpaisan; Pisanu Wongpornchai; Siriporn Chaisri
2018Geological Interpretation by Peak Spectral Decomposition Envelope AttributeGritsadapong Leaungvongpaisan; Pisanu Wongpornchai; Siriporn Chaisri
5-Jul-2020Geological model and development of the Cenozoic Wiang Pa Pao Basin, Chiang Rai Province, Northern Thailand, based on gravity data modelling and surface structural interpretationNiti Mangkhemthong; Christopher K. Morley; Suebchart Kanthiya; Siriporn Chaisri
1-Jan-2020Masw and ert for near-surface characterization at the huai hong khrai royal development study center, doi saket, Chiang Mai, ThailandSiriporn Chaisri; Suwimon Udphuay; Niti Mankhemthong; Weerapan Srichan; Pitak Kempet; Phrudth Jaroenjittichai
1-Jan-2020Near-surface geophysical investigation in mae on, Chiang Mai, ThailandSiriporn Chaisri; Srivipa Lerkrattanawaree; Niti Mankhemthong; Suwimon Udphuay; Mingkhwan Kruachanta
May-2022Seismic velocity monitoring using ambient seismic noise Interferometry in Northern ThailandSiriporn Chaisri; Niti Mankhemthong; Chaninthon Rattanavetchasit
Apr-2022Shear wave velocity model by c1 and c2 combination using ambient seismic noise beneath Northern ThailandSiriporn Chaisri; Niti Mankhemthong; Sorawat Siangpipop