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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2021Diversity, distribution and occurrence of adult Caddisflies along the Nan river in Nan province and Their Relationship to the Presence of MacroalgaeDecha Thapanya; Siripen Traichaiyaporn; Chalobol Wongsawad; Terdthai Buddhanurak
1-Jan-2018Effect of dietary spirulina platensis on the fatty acid composition in flesh and ovary of walking catfish (Clarias macrocephalus)Thaweedet Chainapong; Siripen Traichaiyaporn; Richard L. Deming
2018Effect of Dietary Spirulina platensis on the Fatty Acid Composition in Flesh and Ovary of Walking Catfish (Clarias macrocephalus)Thaweedet Chainapong; Siripen Traichaiyaporn; Richard L. Deming
1-Jan-2009Effects of replacing fishmeal with wastes derived from local fisheries on the growth of juvenile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticusChanagun Chitmanat; Anon Tipin; Prachuab Chaibu; Siripen Traichaiyaporn
27-Feb-2012Enhancement of carotenoid and chlorophyll content of an edible freshwater alga (Kai: Cladophora sp.) by supplementary inorganic phosphate and investigation of its biomass productionTaweesak Khuantrairong; Siripen Traichaiyaporn
31-Oct-2012A freshwater red alga, thorea clavata seto et ratnasabapathy, from thailand with special reference to sexual reproductive organsSiripen Traichaiyaporn; Shigeru Kumano; Boonsom Waraegsiri
28-Feb-2011The nutritional value of edible freshwater Alga Cladophora sp. (Chlorophyta) grown under different phosphorus concentrationsTaweesak Khuantrairong; Siripen Traichaiyaporn
10-Nov-2010Spatial and temporal variations of physical-chemical water quality and some heavy metals in water, sediments and fish of the Mae Kuang River, northern ThailandChanagun Chitmanat; Siripen Traichaiyaporn
1-Dec-2008The use of acetylcholinesterase inhibition in river snails (Sinotaia ingallsiana) to determine the pesticide contamination in the upper Ping RiverChanagun Chitmanat; Numpet Prakobsin; Prachuab Chaibu; Siripen Traichaiyaporn
1-Jan-2012Water quality variation and algal succession in commercial hybrid catfish production pondsChatree Wirasith; Siripen Traichaiyaporn