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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2016Contribution of different antiretroviral regimens containing zidovudine, lamivudine and ritonavir-boosted lopinavir on HIV viral load reduction during pregnancyPatumrat Sripan; Sophie Le Coeur; Lily Ingsrisawang; Tim R. Cressey; Naïm Bouazza; Frantz Foissac; Nicole Ngo-Giang-Huong; Patrinee Traisathit; Ussanee Srirompotong; Orada Patamasingh Na Ayudhaya; Achara Puangsombat; Jantana Jungpipun; Kanokwan Jittayanun; Jean Marc Tréluyer; Gonzague Jourdain; Marc Lallemant; Saïk Urien
26-Jun-2015Correction: Modeling of In-Utero and Intra-Partum transmissions to evaluate the efficacy of interventions for the prevention of perinatal HIVPatumrat Sripan; Sophie Le Coeur; Billy Amzal; Lily Ingsrisawang; Patrinee Traisathit; Nicole Ngo-Giang-Huong; Kenneth McIntosh; Tim R. Cressey; Suraphan Sangsawang; Boonsong Rawangban; Prateep Kanjanavikai; Jean Marc Tréluyer; Gonzague Jourdain; Marc Lallemant; Saïk Urien
17-Aug-2019Impact of antiretroviral treatment on height evolution of HIV infected childrenPatrinee Traisathit; Saïk Urien; Sophie Le Coeur; Sakulrat Srirojana; Noppadon Akarathum; Suparat Kanjanavanit; Chaiwat Ngampiyaskul; Sawitree Krikajornkitti; Nicole Ngo-Giang-Huong; Marc Lallemant; Gonzague Jourdain
1-Jan-2017Optimization of the strength of the efavirenz/lamivudine/abacavir fixed-dose combination for paediatric patientsNaïm Bouazza; Tim R. Cressey; Frantz Foissac; Andrzej Bienczak; Paolo Denti; Helen McIlleron; David Burger; Martina Penazzato; Marc Lallemant; Edmund V. Capparelli; Jean Marc Treluyer; Saïk Urien
1-Jul-2020Perinatal Antiretroviral Intensification to Prevent Intrapartum HIV Transmission When Antenatal Antiretroviral Therapy Is Initiated Less Than 8 Weeks Before DeliveryMarc Lallemant; Billy Amzal; Patumrat Sripan; Saïk Urien; Tim R. Cressey; Nicole Ngo-Giang-Huong; Virat Klinbuayaem; Boonsong Rawangban; Prapan Sabsanong; Thitiporn Siriwachirachai; Tapnarong Jarupanich; Prateep Kanjanavikai; Phaiboon Wanasiri; Suporn Koetsawang; Gonzague Jourdain; Sophie Le Coeur