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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2017Analysis of a government policy to address nursing shortage and nursing education qualityK. Abhicharttibutra; W. Kunaviktikul; S. Turale; O. A. Wichaikhum; W. Srisuphan
1-Jan-2019Barriers to quality of work life among Bangladeshi nurses: a qualitative studyN. Akter; M. K. Akter; S. Turale
1-Dec-2021A causal model of thriving at work in Chinese nursesX. Zhu; W. Kunaviktikul; S. Sirakamon; K. Abhicharttibutra; S. Turale
1-Jan-2014Community health nurses' HIV health promotion and education programmes: A qualitative studyM. Abe; S. Turale; A. Klunklin; T. Supamanee
1-Jan-2014An ethnographic study of diabetes health beliefs and practices in Sri Lankan adultsA. A.T.D. Amarasekara; W. Fongkaew; S. Turale; S. W. Wimalasekara; C. Chanprasit
1-Dec-2019Experiences from Southeast Asia on nursing education, practice, mobility and influencing policyW. Kunaviktikul; S. Turale; M. A. Petrini; P. Tungpunkom; K. C. Avant
1-Sep-2021Factors influencing workplace social capital among registered nurses in ChinaJ. M. Xu; W. Kunaviktikul; T. Akkadechanunt; A. Nantsupawat; S. Turale
1-Jan-2019Factors predicting quality of nursing care among nurses in tertiary care hospitals in MongoliaK. Gaalan; W. Kunaviktikul; T. Akkadechanunt; O. A. Wichaikhum; S. Turale
1-Jun-2010Growing together: A qualitative study of leading nurse scholars in ThailandS. Turale; A. Klunklin; R. Chontawan
1-Jan-2020Leveraging nurse practitioner capacities to achieve global health for all: COVID-19 and beyondW. E. Rosa; M. Fitzgerald; S. Davis; J. E. Farley; J. Khanyola; J. Kwong; P. J. Moreland; M. Rogers; B. Sibanda; S. Turale
1-Mar-2018Nurses' perceptions of health beliefs and impact on teaching and practice: a Q-sort studyR. Cao; T. E. Stone; M. A. Petrini; S. Turale
1-Jan-2014Samoan Philosophy of Nursing: A basis for culturally proficient care and policyI. S. Enoka; M. A. Petrini; S. Turale