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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2006Bacteriophage isolated from Burkholderia pseudomallei causes phenotypic changes in Burkholderia thailandensisLadawan Sariya; Nalinee Prempracha; Poonsook Keelapang; Nuanchan Chittasophon
1-Nov-2008Differential modulation of prM cleavage, extracellular particle distribution, and virus infectivity by conserved residues at nonfurin consensus positions of the dengue virus pr-M junctionJiraphan Junjhon; Matthawee Lausumpao; Sunpetchuda Supasa; Sansanee Noisakran; Adisak Songjaeng; Prakaimuk Saraithong; Kridsada Chaichoun; Utaiwan Utaipat; Poonsook Keelapang; Amornrat Kanjanahaluethai; Chunya Puttikhunt; Watchara Kasinrerk; Prida Malasit; Nopporn Sittisombut
17-Oct-2013Generation and preclinical evaluation of a DENV-1/2 prM+E chimeric live attenuated vaccine candidate with enhanced prM cleavagePoonsook Keelapang; Narong Nitatpattana; Amporn Suphatrakul; Surat Punyahathaikul; Rungtawan Sriburi; Rojjanaporn Pulmanausahakul; Sathit Pichyangkul; Prida Malasit; Sutee Yoksan; Nopporn Sittisombut
13-Oct-2015Generation and preclinical immunogenicity study of dengue type 2 virus-like particles derived from stably transfected mosquito cellsAmporn Suphatrakul; Thippawan Yasanga; Poonsook Keelapang; Rungtawan Sriburi; Thaneeya Roytrakul; Rojjanaporn Pulmanausahakul; Utaiwan Utaipat; Yanee Kawilapan; Chunya Puttikhunt; Watchara Kasinrerk; Sutee Yoksan; Prasert Auewarakul; Prida Malasit; Nicha Charoensri; Nopporn Sittisombut
2-Jun-2014Induction of neutralizing antibody response against four dengue viruses in mice by intramuscular electroporation of tetravalent DNA vaccinesEakachai Prompetchara; Chutitorn Ketloy; Poonsook Keelapang; Nopporn Sittisombut; Kiat Ruxrungtham
1-Aug-2010Influence of pr-M cleavage on the heterogeneity of extracellular dengue virus particlesJiraphan Junjhon; Thomas J. Edwards; Utaiwan Utaipat; Valorie D. Bowman; Heather A. Holdaway; Wei Zhang; Poonsook Keelapang; Chunya Puttikhunt; Rushika Perera; Paul R. Chipman; Watchara Kasinrerk; Prida Malasit; Richard J. Kuhn; Nopporn Sittisombut
1-Jun-2011Maturation of flaviviruses starts from one or more icosahedrally independent nucleation centresPavel Plevka; Anthony J. Battisti; Jiraphan Junjhon; Dennis C. Winkler; Heather A. Holdaway; Poonsook Keelapang; Nopporn Sittisombut; Richard J. Kuhn; Alasdair C. Steven; Michael G. Rossmann
1-May-2008Multiple regions in dengue virus capsid protein contribute to nuclear localization during virus infectionSutha Sangiambut; Poonsook Keelapang; John Aaskov; Chunya Puttikhunt; Watchara Kasinrerk; Prida Malasit; Nopporn Sittisombut
1-Jan-2008Novel anti-dengue monoclonal antibody recognizing conformational structure of the prM-E heterodimeric complex of dengue virusChunya Puttikhunt; Poonsook Keelapang; Nuanpan Khemnu; Nopporn Sittisombut; Watchara Kasinrerk; Prida Malasit
1-Sep-2014An optimized expression vector for improving the yield of dengue virus-like particles from transfected insect cellsNicha Charoensri; Amporn Suphatrakul; Rungtawan Sriburi; Thippawan Yasanga; Jiraphan Junjhon; Poonsook Keelapang; Utaiwan Utaipat; Chunya Puttikhunt; Watchara Kasinrerk; Prida Malasit; Nopporn Sittisombut
1-Jan-2017Strategies to improve the immunogenicity of prM+E dengue virus type-2 DNA vaccineChutitorn Ketloy; Poonsook Keelapang; Eakachai Prompetchara; Amporn Suphatrakul; Chunya Puttikhunt; Watchara Kasinrerk; Eiji Konishi; Nopporn Sittisombut; Kiat Ruxrungtham
1-Jun-2013Sustained replication of dengue pseudoinfectious virus lacking the capsid gene by trans-complementation in capsid-producing mosquito cellsSutha Sangiambut; Amporn Suphatrakul; Rungtawan Sriburi; Poonsook Keelapang; Chunya Puttikhunt; Watchara Kasinrerk; Prida Malasit; Nopporn Sittisombut