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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2021Author's response to Z. Huang on his commentary on “Effect of a perioperative immune-enhancing diet in clean-contaminated head and neck cancer surgery: A randomized controlled trial” (Int. J. Surg. 94 (2021) 106114)Pichit Sittitrai; Donyarat Ruenmarkkaew; Somkamol Booyaprapa; Boonsita Kasempitakpong
1-Jan-2014Central papillary cystadenocarcinoma of the mandible: A case report and review of the literatureChonticha Srivanitchapoom; Pichit Sittitrai; Pongsak Mahanupab
1-Sep-2021Effect of a perioperative immune-enhancing diet in clean-contaminated head and neck cancer surgery: A randomized controlled trialPichit Sittitrai; Donyarat Ruenmarkkaew; Somkamol Booyaprapa; Boosita Kasempitakpong
1-Sep-2008Effect of oral pilocarpine on post-irradiation xerostomia in head and neck cancer patients: A single-center, single-blind clinical trialImjai Chitapanarux; Pimkhuan Kamnerdsupaphon; Ekkasit Tharavichitkul; Yupa Sumitsawan; Pichit Sittitrai; Tienchai Pattarasakulchai; Vicharn Lorvidhaya; Vimol Sukthomya; Nantaka Pukanhaphan; Patrinee Traisatit
1-Jan-2013Impact of Clinical and Histo-Pathological Prognostic Factors on T1-2N0-1 Oral Tongue CarcinomaPichit Sittitrai; Chonticha Srivanitchapoom; Pongsak Mahanupab; Thienchai Pattarasakulchai; Rak Tananuvat; Warat Unejanum
1-Jan-2006Oral cavity cancers at a young age: Analysis of patient, tumor and treatment characteristics in Chiang Mai University HospitalImjai Chitapanarux; Vicharn Lorvidhaya; Pichit Sittitrai; Thienchai Pattarasakulchai; Ekkasit Tharavichitkul; Pornpoch Sriuthaisiriwong; Pimkhuan Kamnerdsupaphon; Vimol Sukthomya
1-Jun-2018Perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis in open tracheostomy: A preliminary randomized controlled trialPichit Sittitrai; Chatmanee Siriwittayakorn
1-Feb-2011A phase II study of docetaxel and carboplatin with concurrent radiation therapy for locally advanced head and neck cancerImjai Chitapanarux; Vicharn Lorvidhaya; Ekasit Tharavichitkul; Somvilai Mayurasakorn; Pichit Sittitrai; Tienchai Pattarasakulchai; Rak Tananuwat; Chonticha Srivanitchapoom
1-Jan-2020The prognostic value of excision repair cross-complementing Group 1 expression in nasopharyngeal cancer patientsImjai Chitapanarux; Suree Lekawanvijit; Patumrat Sripan; Pongsak Mahanupab; Somvilai Chakrabandhu; Wimrak Onchan; Pichit Sittitrai; Donyarat Boonlert; Hanpon Klibngern; Wisarut Samuckkeethum
1-May-2007Radiotherapy in Kimura's disease: A report of eight casesImjai Chitapanarux; Charin Ya-In; Rungaroon Kittichest; Pimkhuan Kamnerdsupaphon; Vicharn Lorvidhaya; Vimol Sukthomya; Pichit Sittitrai; Tienchai Pattarasakulchai
16-Oct-2018The role of induction chemotherapy followed by surgery in unresectable stage IVb laryngeal and hypopharyngeal cancers: A case seriesPichit Sittitrai; Donyarat Reunmarkkaew; Saisaward Chaiyasate
1-Mar-2013Sinonasal papilloma in Chiang Mai university hospitalSupranee Fooanant; Thienchai Pattarasakulchai; Rak Tananuvat; Pichit Sittitrai; Saisawat Chaiyasate; Kannika Roongrotwattanasiri; Chonticha Srivanitchapoom
1-Jan-2005Surgical anatomy of the spinal accessory nerve in the posterior triangle of the neckAtchara Aramrattana; Pichit Sittitrai; Kanchana Harnsiriwattanagit
1-Jul-2017Ten-year outcome of different treatment modalities for squamous cell carcinoma of oral cavityImjai Chitapanarux; Patrinee Traisathit; Nicha Komolmalai; Sompol Chuachamsai; Pichit Sittitrai; Tienchai Pattarasakulchai; Rak Tananuwat; Donyarat Boonlert; Patumrat Sripan; Anak Iamaroon
1-Jan-2014The treatment outcome of radical radiotherapy in laryngeal cancerImjai Chitapanarux; Ekkasit Tharavichitkul; Somvilai Chakrabandhu; Pitchayaponne Klunklin; Wimrak Onchan; Nantaka Pukanhapan; Jirawattana Srikawin; Pichit Sittitrai; Roy Vongtama
1-Jan-2017Ultrasonographic findings of thyroglossal duct papillary carcinoma: A case reportChonticha Srivanitchapoom; Pichit Sittitrai; Kedsaraporn Yata; Piyadara Khongpiboonkit