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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2021Application of artificial neural networks for predicting parameters of commercial vacuum cooling process of baby cos lettucePratsanee Kongwong; Danai Boonyakiat; Israpong Pongsirikul; Pichaya Poonlarp
Nov-2022Artificial neural networks application on the prediction of vacuum cooling process in commercial scale and quality of ready-to-eat mixed fresh-cut lettucesPichaya Poonlarp; Danai Boonyakiat; Damorn Bundhurat; Warissara Wanakamol
17-Nov-2019Evaluation of NIRS as non-destructive test to evaluate quality traits of purple passion fruitPhonkrit Maniwara; Kazuhiro Nakano; Shintaroh Ohashi; Danai Boonyakiat; Pimjai Seehanam; Parichat Theanjumpol; Pichaya Poonlarp
1-Apr-2019Extending the shelf life and qualities of baby cos lettuce using commercial precooling systemsPratsanee Kongwong; Danai Boonyakiat; Pichaya Poonlarp
1-Aug-2022Hurdle Approach for Control of Enzymatic Browning and Extension of Shelf Life of Fresh-Cut Leafy Vegetables Using Vacuum Precooling and Modified Atmosphere Packaging: Commercial ApplicationWarissara Wanakamol; Pratsanee Kongwong; Chaipichit Chuamuangphan; Damorn Bundhurat; Danai Boonyakiat; Pichaya Poonlarp
1-Nov-2021Improving shelf life, maintaining quality, and delaying microbial growth of broccoli in supply chain using commercial vacuum cooling and package icingPimonphat Dirapan; Danai Boonyakiat; Pichaya Poonlarp
8-Sep-2020Limitation and good practices for breakage of cold chain on cos lettuce (Lactuca sativa var. longifolia)Damorn Bundhurat; Pichaya Poonlarp; Viboon Changrue; Danai Boonyakiat; Nadthawat Muenmanee; Chaipichit Chuamuangphan; Warintorn Maneewan
1-Feb-2018Rapid Determination of the Antioxidant Capacity of Lettuce by an E-Tongue Based on Flow Injection CoulometryPratsanee Kongwong; Ksenia Morozova; Giovanna Ferrentino; Pichaya Poonlarp; Matteo Scampicchio