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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Inhibitor, Vildagliptin, Improves Trabecular Bone Mineral Density and Microstructure in Obese, Insulin-Resistant, Pre-diabetic RatsNarattaphol Charoenphandhu; Panan Suntornsaratoon; Piangkwan Sa-Nguanmoo; Pongpan Tanajak; Jarinthorn Teerapornpuntakit; Ratchaneevan Aeimlapa; Nipon Chattipakorn; Siriporn Chattipakorn
28-Nov-2016Energy restriction combined with dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor exerts neuroprotection in obese male ratsHiranya Pintana; Pongpan Tanajak; Wasana Pratchayasakul; Piangkwan Sa-Nguanmoo; Titikorn Chunchai; Pattarapong Satjaritanun; Linlada Leelarphat; Nipon Chattipakorn; Siriporn C. Chattipakorn
1-Jul-2017Estrogen and DPP-4 inhibitor share similar efficacy in reducing brain pathology caused by cardiac ischemia-reperfusion injury in both lean and obese estrogen-deprived ratsWasana Pratchayasakul; Sivaporn Sivasinprasasn; Piangkwan Sa-Nguanmoo; Cicely Proctor; Sasiwan Kerdphoo; Nipon Chattipakorn; Siriporn C. Chattipakorn
26-Jul-2016Estrogen and DPP4 inhibitor, but not metformin, exert cardioprotection via attenuating cardiac mitochondrial dysfunction in obese insulin-resistant and estrogen-deprived female ratsSivaporn Sivasinprasasn; Piangkwan Sa-Nguanmoo; Wanpitak Pongkan; Wasana Pratchayasakul; Siriporn C. Chattipakorn; Nipon Chattipakorn
1-Dec-2018Factors associated with cognitive impairment in elderly versus nonelderly patients with metabolic syndrome: The different roles of FGF21Arintaya Phrommintikul; Piangkwan Sa-Nguanmoo; Jirapas Sripetchwandee; Prin Vathesatogkit; Nipon Chattipakorn; Siriporn C. Chattipakorn
1-Jan-2017Impaired mitochondria and intracellular calcium transients in the salivary glands of obese ratsJitjiroj Ittichaicharoen; Apaijai Nattayapornapaijai; Pongpan Tanajak; Piangkwan Sa-Nguanmoo; Nipon Chattipakorn; Siriporn C. Chattipakorn
1-Mar-2022Obstructive Sleep Apnea Effects on Pulmonary and Respiratory Muscle Function of Obese Children and Adolescents: A Preliminary StudySainatee Pratanaphon; Nuntigar Sonsuwan; Siwahdol Chaimano; Sirinad Chandee; Kewalin Autkhruea; Piangkwan Sa-Nguanmoo; Khanittha Wonglangka
1-Jan-2015Protocatechuic acid protects brain mitochondrial function in streptozotocin-induced diabetic ratsYoswaris Semaming; Jirapas Sripetchwandee; Piangkwan Sa-Nguanmoo; Hiranya Pintana; Patchareewan Pannangpetch; Nipon Chattipakorn; Siriporn C. Chattipakorn
1-Feb-2016Testosterone deprivation has neither additive nor synergistic effects with obesity on the cognitive impairment in orchiectomized and/or obese male ratsHiranya Pintana; Wasana Pratchayasakul; Piangkwan Sa-Nguanmoo; Wanpitak Pongkan; Rungroj Tawinvisan; Nipon Chattipakorn; Siriporn C. Chattipakorn