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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2010Agent-based modeling for ex ante assessment of tree crop innovations: Litchis in northern ThailandPepijn Schreinemachers; Chakrit Potchanasin; Thomas Berger; Sithidech Roygrong
1-Dec-2012Agricultural pesticides and land use intensification in high, middle and low income countriesPepijn Schreinemachers; Prasnee Tipraqsa
12-Jun-2012Can public GAP standards reduce agricultural pesticide use? The case of fruit and vegetable farming in northern ThailandPepijn Schreinemachers; Iven Schad; Prasnee Tipraqsa; Pakakrong M. Williams; Andreas Neef; Suthathip Riwthong; Walaya Sangchan; Christian Grovermann
1-Jan-2007Comparison of empirical methods for building agent-based models in land use scienceDerek T. Robinson; Daniel G. Brown; Dawn C. Parker; Pepijn Schreinemachers; Marco A. Janssen; Marco Huigen; Heidi Wittmer; Nick Gotts; Panomsak Promburom; Elena Irwin; Thomas Berger; Franz Gatzweiler; C├ęcile Barnaud
1-Dec-2009The diffusion of greenhouse agriculture in Northern Thailand: Combining econometrics and agent-based modelingPepijn Schreinemachers; Thomas Berger; Aer Sirijinda; Suwanna Praneetvatakul
1-Dec-2021Mungbean in Southeast Asia and East Africa: varieties, practices and constraintsTeresa Sequeros; Justus Ochieng; Pepijn Schreinemachers; Papias H. Binagwa; Zenaida M. Huelgas; Ratri Tri Hapsari; Maurice Ogada Juma; Joseph Rajabu Kangile; Rael Karimi; Nur Khaririyatun; Emmanuel K. Mbeyagala; Henry Mvungi; Ramakrishnan Madhavan Nair; Losira Nasirumbi Sanya; Thi Tan Loc Nguyen; Siviengkhek Phommalath; Thira Pinn; Esther Simfukwe; Pornsiri Suebpongsang
1-Oct-2008Participatory computer simulation to support collective decision-making: Potential and limits of stakeholder involvementNicolas Becu; Andreas Neef; Pepijn Schreinemachers; Chapika Sangkapitux
1-Mar-2013Pesticides, external costs and policy options for Thai agricultureSuwanna Praneetvatakul; Pepijn Schreinemachers; Piyatat Pananurak; Prasnee Tipraqsa
1-Nov-2011The role of synthetic pesticides in the intensification of highland agriculture in ThailandPepijn Schreinemachers; Sureeporn Sringarm; Aer Sirijinda