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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2017Advanced characteristics of cement-treated materials with respect to strength performance and damage evolutionKorakod Nusit; Peerapong Jitsangiam; Jayantha Kodikara; Ha H. Bui; Gordon Lai Ming Leung
1-Jul-2021Alkali-activated material synthesized from palm oil fuel ash for Cu/Zn ion removal from aqueous solutionsPumipat K. Pachana; Ubolluk Rattanasak; Peerapong Jitsangiam; Prinya Chindaprasirt
1-Jan-2018Asphalt concrete moisture damage resistance: An evaluation of the coating ability of aggregates and bindersPeerapong Jitsangiam; Hamid Nikraz; Korakod Nusit
1-Mar-2022Assessments of moisture damage resistance of asphalt concrete mixtures and asphalt mastic with various mineral fillersSarayoot Kumlai; Peerapong Jitsangiam; Hamid Nikraz
5-Jul-2021Automated Landslide-Risk Prediction Using Web GIS and Machine Learning ModelsNaruephorn Tengtrairat; Wai Lok Woo; Phetcharat Parathai; Chuchoke Aryupong; Peerapong Jitsangiam; Damrongsak Rinchumphu
1-Jan-2020The Behavior of Cement-Treated Crushed Rock Material Under the Cyclic-Loading Test with Multiple Amplitude of Applied StrainPeerapong Jitsangiam; Korakod Nusit; Suphat Chummuneerat; Hamid Nikraz
1-Dec-2021Case study of the application of pervious fly ash geopolymer concrete for neutralization of acidic wastewaterPrinya Chindaprasirt; Peerapong Jitsangiam; Wichian Chalee; Ubolluk Rattanasak
1-Jan-2019Challenge of adopting relatively low strength and self-cured geopolymer for road construction application: a review and primary laboratory studyPeerapong Jitsangiam; Teewara Suwan; Kedsarin Pimraksa; Piti Sukontasukkul; Prinya Chindaprasirt
1-Jan-2022Characterisation of road base materials treated by hybrid alkali-activated binders and cationic asphalt emulsionsThanon Bualuang; Peerapong Jitsangiam; Ubolluk Rattanasak; Teewara Suwan; Chuchoke Aryupong; Hamid Nikraz
1-May-2021Characteristics of waste iron powder as a fine filler in a high-calcium fly ash geopolymerToon Nongnuang; Peerapong Jitsangiam; Ubolluk Rattanasak; Weerachart Tangchirapat; Teewara Suwan; Suriyah Thongmunee
1-May-2022Characterization of a soil-rough structure interface using direct shear tests with varying cyclic amplitude and loading sequences under a large cyclic testing cycle conditionPeerapong Jitsangiam; Suriyavut Pra-ai; Marc Boulon; Orianne Jenck; Xiaobin Chen; Supot Techavorasinsakul
1-Jan-2016Clay-cement additive for crushed rock base stabilisation: Strength property investigationPeerapong Jitsangiam; Matthew Merrin; Sarayoot Kumlai
1-Sep-2021A comparison of energy harvesting from cement and asphalt on road pavement using thermoelectric moduleYuttana Mona; Peerapong Jitsangiam; Konlayutt Punyawudho
1-Jan-2018Crumb rubber modified asphalt: A laboratory investigation based on Australian and Thailand perspectivesPeerapong Jitsangiam; Hamid Nikraz; Korakod Nusit
1-Jan-2022Crushed Rock Geopolymer as a Future Road Construction Material: An Evaluation of Compaction and Strength CharacteristicsPeerapong Jitsangiam; Teewara Suwan; Korakod Nusit; Prinya Chindaprasirt; Sararat Kwunjai
1-Jan-2020Crushed rock geopolymer as a future road construction material: An evaluation on strength performance and compaction characteristicsSararat Kwunjai; Peerapong Jitsangiam; Teewara Suwan; Damrongsak Rinchumphu; Hemwadee Thongchua; Prinya Chindaprasirt; Sate Sampattagul
1-Jan-2016Damage Behavior of Cement-Treated Base MaterialKorakod Nusit; Peerapong Jitsangiam
1-Jan-2020DEM investigation of macro- and micro-mechanical properties of rigid-grain and soft-chip mixturesJunqi Zhang; Xiaobin Chen; Jiasheng Zhang; Peerapong Jitsangiam; Xiang Wang
1-Jul-2021Dense-Graded Hot Mix Asphalt with 100% Recycled Concrete Aggregate Based on Thermal-Mechanical Surface TreatmentPeerapong Jitsangiam; Korakod Nusit; Hamid Nikraz; Zhen Leng; Jitinun Prommarin; Prinya Chindaprasirt
1-Jan-2022Development of alkali activated crushed rock for environmentally sustainable roadway rehabilitationPeerapong Jitsangiam; Teewara Suwan; Sararat Kwunjai; Ubolluk Rattanasak; Prinya Chindaprasirt