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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2021Adaptive decision support system for smart agricultural crop cultivation to support food safety standardPradorn Sureephong; Nopasit Chakpitak; Bouras, Abdelaziz; Phasit Charoenkwan; Paweena Suebsombut
1-Jan-2022Chatbot Application to Support Smart Agriculture in ThailandPaweena Suebsombut; Pradorn Sureephong; Aicha Sekhari; Suepphong Chernbumroong; Abdelaziz Bouras
16-Feb-2018Classification and trends in knowledge research relevance and context for smart farm technology developmentPaweena Suebsombut; Aicha Sekhari; Pradorn Sureephong; Abdelaziz Bouras
1-Mar-2020Comparison of Smart Agriculture Literacy of Farmers in ThailandPaweena Suebsombut; Suepphong Chernbumroong; Pradorn Sureephong; Pensri Jaroenwanit; Pongsutti Phuensane; Aicha Sekhari
1-Dec-2021Field data forecasting using lstm and bi-lstm approachesPaweena Suebsombut; Aicha Sekhari; Pradorn Sureephong; Abdelhak Belhi; Abdelaziz Bouras
3-Mar-2021Preliminary study on Smart farming literacy: A case study in Barp gewog, Punakha District, BhutanUgyen Yangchen; Paweena Suebsombut; Tashi Lhamo; Phub Dorji; Suepphong Chernbumroong; Pradorn Sureephong; Sylvain Touchard
1-Sep-2021RULE BASED RECOMMENDATION SYSTEM: TO SUPPORT CROP LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENTPaweena Suebsombut; Aicha Sekhari; Pradorn Sureephong; Abdelaziz Bouras
1-Jan-2022Training Evaluation in a Smart Farm using Kirkpatrick Model: A Case Study of Chiang MaiSuepphong Chernbumroong; Pradorn Sureephong; Paweena Suebsombut; Aicha Sekhari
19-Apr-2017The using of bibliometric analysis to classify trends and future directions on 'smart farm'Paweena Suebsombut; Aicha Sekhari; Pradorn Sureepong; Pittawat Ueasangkomsate; Abdelaziz Bouras