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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Jun-2018Arthritis diagnosis and symptoms are positively associated with specific physical job exposures in lower- and middle-income countries: Cross-sectional results from the World Health Organization's Study on global AGEing and adult health (SAGE)Sharon L. Brennan-Olsen; Svetlana Solovieva; Eira Viikari-Juntura; Ilana N. Ackerman; Steven J. Bowe; Paul Kowal; Nirmala Naidoo; Somnath Chatterji; Anita E. Wluka; Michelle T. Leech; Richard S. Page; Kerrie M. Sanders; Fernando Gomez; Gustavo Duque; Darci Green; Mohammadreza Mohebbi
4-Dec-2019Association between anemia and frailty in 13,175 community-dwelling adults aged 50 years and older in ChinaYe Ruan; Yanfei Guo; Paul Kowal; Ye Lu; Chazhen Liu; Shuangyuan Sun; Zhezhou Huang; Yang Zheng; Wenjing Wang; Gan Li; Yan Shi; Fan Wu
1-Jan-2019Associations between physical function and subjective well-being in older adults from low- and middle-income countries: Results from the Study on Global AGEing and Adult Health (SAGE)Theresa E. Gildner; J. Josh Snodgrass; Clare Evans; Paul Kowal
1-Jan-2021Bivariate joint spatial modeling to identify shared risk patterns of hypertension and diabetes in south africa: Evidence from who sage South Africa wave 2Glory Chidumwa; Innocent Maposa; Paul Kowal; Lisa K. Micklesfield; Lisa J. Ware
20-Jun-2018Cardiovascular disease (CVD) and associated risk factors among older adults in six low-and middle-income countries: Results from SAGE Wave 1Ye Ruan; Yanfei Guo; Yang Zheng; Zhezhou Huang; Shuangyuan Sun; Paul Kowal; Yan Shi; Fan Wu
1-May-2019Co-occurrence of depression with chronic diseases among the older population living in low- A nd middle-income countries: A compound health challengeMojtaba Lotfaliany; Bruno Agustini; Paul Kowal; Michael Berk; Mohammadreza Mohebbi
1-Jul-2020Correcting for intra-individual variability in sodium excretion in spot urine samples does not improve the ability to predict 24 h urinary sodium excretionKaren Elizabeth Charlton; Aletta Elisabeth Schutte; Leanda Wepener; Barbara Corso; Paul Kowal; Lisa Jayne Ware
1-Feb-2019Data Resource Profile: Cross-national and cross-study sociodemographic and health-related harmonized domains from SAGE plus CHARLS, ELSA, HRS, LASI and SHARE (SAGE+ Wave 2)Nadia Minicuci; Nirmala Naidoo; Barbara Corso; Ilaria Rocco; Somnath Chatterji; Paul Kowal
1-Dec-2018Depression and chronic diseases: Co-occurrence and communality of risk factorsMojtaba Lotfaliany; Steven J. Bowe; Paul Kowal; Liliana Orellana; Michael Berk; Mohammadreza Mohebbi
16-Jul-2020Development and validation of an ELISA for a biomarker of thyroid dysfunction, thyroid peroxidase autoantibodies (TPO-Ab), in dried blood spotsGeeta N. Eick; Tara J. Cepon-Robins; Maureen J. Devlin; Paul Kowal; Larry S. Sugiyama; J. Josh Snodgrass
4-Oct-2018Disability, quality of life and all-cause mortality in older Mexican adults: Association with multimorbidity and frailtyAna Rivera-Almaraz; Betty Manrique-Espinoza; José Alberto Ávila-Funes; Somnath Chatterji; Nirmala Naidoo; Paul Kowal; Aarón Salinas-Rodríguez
2-Apr-2019Diversity in the factors associated with ADL-related disability among older people in six middle-income countries: A cross-country comparisonSepti Kurnia Lestari; Nawi Ng; Paul Kowal; Ailiana Santosa
1-Jul-2019Does poor sleep impair cognition during aging? Longitudinal associations between changes in sleep duration and cognitive performance among older Mexican adultsTheresa E. Gildner; Aarón Salinas-Rodríguez; Betty Manrique-Espinoza; Karla Moreno-Tamayo; Paul Kowal
1-Sep-2021Effect of South Africa's interim mandatory salt reduction programme on urinary sodium excretion and blood pressureKaren E. Charlton; Barbara Corso; Lisa Ware; Aletta E. Schutte; Leanda Wepener; Nadia Minicuci; Nirmala Naidoo; Paul Kowal
1-Dec-2019Functional Measures of Sarcopenia: Prevalence, and Associations with Functional Disability in 10,892 Adults Aged 65 Years and Over from Six Lower- and Middle-Income CountriesSharon L. Brennan-Olsen; Steven J. Bowe; Paul Kowal; Nirmala Naidoo; Nekehia T. Quashie; Geeta Eick; Sutapa Agrawal; Catherine D’Este
29-Jan-2021Identifying co-occurrence and clustering of chronic diseases using latent class analysis: Cross-sectional findings from SAGE South Africa Wave 2Glory Chidumwa; Innocent Maposa; Barbara Corso; Nadia Minicuci; Paul Kowal; Lisa K. Micklesfield; Lisa Jayne Ware
1-Jan-2019Longitudinal associations of multimorbidity, disability and out-of-pocket health expenditures in households with older adults in Mexico: The study on global AGEing and adult health (SAGE)Ana Rivera-Almaraz; Betty Manrique-Espinoza; Somnath Chatterji; Nirmala Naidoo; Paul Kowal; Aarón Salinas-Rodríguez
1-Jan-2019Prediction of 24-hour sodium excretion from spot urine samples in South African adults: a comparison of four equationsKaren Charlton; Lisa J. Ware; Glory Chidumwa; Marike Cockeran; Aletta E. Schutte; Nirmala Naidoo; Paul Kowal
1-Jan-2019Predictors of health-related quality of life among older adults living with HIV in Thailand: results from the baseline and follow-up surveysPatou Masika Musumari; Kriengkrai Srithanaviboonchai; Arunrat Tangmunkongvorakul; Yingxue Dai; Wathee Sitthi; Kittipan Rerkasem; Paul Kowal; Teeranee Techasrivichien; S. Pilar Suguimoto; Mitchell D. Feldman; Masako Ono-Kihara; Masahiro Kihara
1-Jan-2018Predictors of hypertension awareness, treatment and control in South Africa: results from the WHO-SAGE population survey (Wave 2)Lisa Jayne Ware; Glory Chidumwa; Karen Charlton; Aletta Elisabeth Schutte; Paul Kowal