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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2022Design and Analysis of Net-Zero Energy Buildings with Hybrid Energy SourcesSupanida Kaewwong; Panida Thararak; Peerapol Jirapong; Intarachit Intarungsee; Atchariya Phuangyod
17-Aug-2015Effect of upgrading primary feeders from radial to loop arrangement on electrical distribution system performancePeerapol Jirapong; Phattamaporn Bunchoo; Panida Thararak; Authaporn Supannon; Sattawat Burana
1-Jan-2020Implementation of Optimal Protection Coordination for Microgrids with Distributed Generations Using Quaternary Protection SchemePanida Thararak; Peerapol Jirapong
1-Jan-2022Intelligent Internet of Things Using Artificial Neural Networks and Kalman Filters for Energy Management SystemsIntarachit Intarungsee; Panida Thararak; Peerapol Jirapong; Kanitpong Pengwon; Supanida Kaewwong
1-Feb-2020Mitigating microgrid voltage fluctuation using battery energy storage system with improved particle swarm optimizationKeerachat Tantrapon; Peerapol Jirapong; Panida Thararak
10-Mar-2021Mitigation of Induced Currents and Overvoltages in Metallic Sheath of 115 kV Underground Cable Using Sheath Voltage Limiter and Parallel Ground Continuity ConductorPiyawat Maneepeth; Panida Thararak; Peerapol Jirapong; Chatuphat Karaaom
8-Jan-2018Optimal allocation of distributed generation with FACTS controller for electrical power loss reduction using genetic algorithmSattawat Burana; Panida Thararak; Peerapol Jirapong; Kannathat Mansuwan
1-Mar-2020Optimal Allocation of Tie Switch in Distribution Systems for Energy Loss Reduction Using Particle Swarm OptimizationChatuphat Karaaom; Peerapol Jirapong; Panida Thararak; Keerachat Tantrapon
14-Oct-2020Optimal Distribution Network Reconfiguration Implemented with Tie Line and Capacitor Using Improved Particle Swarm OptimizationChatuphat Karaaom; Peerapol Jirapong; Panida Thararak
1-Jul-2019Optimal operation of battery energy storage system for mitigating voltage fluctuation in microgrid using cuckoo search optimizationKeerachat Tantrapon; Peerapol Jirapong; Panida Thararak
1-Jun-2019Optimal operation of battery energy storage system in smart grid for reducing tap changer operation under photovoltaic fluctuation using cuckoo searchKeerachat Tantrapon; Peerapol Jirapong; Panida Thararak; Kannathat Mansuwan
5-Feb-2019Optimal Planning and Operation of Battery Energy Storage Systems in Smart Grids Using Improved Genetic Algorithm Based Intelligent Optimization ToolKannathat Mansuwan; Peerapol Jirapong; Sattawat Burana; Panida Thararak
1-Mar-2020Quaternary protection scheme with optimal dual-directional overcurrent relay setting for smart microgridsPanida Thararak; Peerapol Jirapong
17-Aug-2015Recloser-fuse coordination improvement for distributed generation installed capacity enhancement in electrical distribution systemsAutthaporn Supannon; Peerapol Jirapong; Panida Thararak; Sattawat Burana
17-Aug-2015Reliability assessment tool for radial and loop distribution systems using DIgSILENT PowerFactoryChattrapat Suthapanun; Peerapol Jirapong; Phattamaporn Bunchoo; Panida Thararak
Jun-2020Smart protection scheme for microgrids with distributed energy resourcesPeerapol Jirapong; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn; Sermsak Uatrongjit; Panida Thararak
1-Jan-2022Two Simple Approaches of Hysteresis Loop Measurement Using MATLAB/SimulinkAtchariya Phuangyod; Buchaputara Pansri; Chayant Koompai; Panida Thararak