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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Aug-2007Antioxidant activity improvement of soybean meal by microbial fermentationPairote Wongputtisin; Chartchai Khanongnuch; Puntipa Pongpiachan; Saisamorn Lumyong
1-Dec-2015Efficient secretory expression of gene encoding a broad pH-stable maltose-forming amylase from Lactobacillus plantarum S21 in food-grade lactobacilli hostApinun Kanpiengjai; Saisamorn Lumyong; Pairote Wongputtisin; Dietmar Haltrich; Thu Ha Nguyen; Chartchai Khanongnuch
1-Oct-2019Identification and characterization of membrane receptor protein YueB in Bacillus subtilis isolated from Thua Nao (Thai fermented soybean)Pornthip Chawapun; Padchanee Sangthong; Pairote Wongputtisin; Keitarou Kimura; Supawadee Sriyam
1-Jun-2021Improvement of enantiomeric l-lactic acid production from mixed hexose-pentose sugars by coculture of enterococcus mundtii wx1 and lactobacillus rhamnosus scj9Augchararat Klongklaew; Kridsada Unban; Apinun Kanpiengjai; Pairote Wongputtisin; Punnita Pamueangmun; Kalidas Shetty; Chartchai Khanongnuch
1-Jan-2010L-Asparaginase production by Bipolaris sp. BR438 isolated from brown rice in ThailandKodchakorn Lapmak; Saisamorn Lumyong; Sutheera Thongkuntha; Pairote Wongputtisin; Uraporn Sardsud
1-Nov-2021Potential of inulin-fructooligosaccharides extract produced from red onion (Allium cepa var. viviparum (metz) mansf.) as an alternative prebiotic productJakkrit Aisara; Pairote Wongputtisin; Somkid Deejing; Chutamas Maneewong; Kridsada Unban; Chartchai Khanongnuch; Paul Kosma; Markus Blaukopf; Apinun Kanpiengjai
1-Oct-2015Prebiotic properties of crude oligosaccharide prepared from enzymatic hydrolysis of basil seed gumPairote Wongputtisin; Chartchai Khanongnuch
2003Selection of oligosaccharides from some local plants for utilizing as Prebiotics / Pairote WongputtisinPairote Wongputtisin
30-Mar-2016Transferase Activity of Lactobacillal and Bifidobacterial β-Galactosidases with Various Sugars as Galactosyl AcceptorsSheryl Lozel Arreola; Montira Intanon; Pairote Wongputtisin; Paul Kosma; Dietmar Haltrich; Thu Ha Nguyen
21-Apr-2017X-ray-induced mutation of Bacillus sp. MR10 for manno-oligosaccharides production from copra mealSiriporn Chaikaew; Apinun Kanpiengjai; Jenjira Intatep; Kridsada Unban; Pairote Wongputtisin; Goro Takata; Chartchai Khanongnuch