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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2019Cluster ion beam bombardment and Q-ToF-SIMS analysis of large biomoleculesP. Thopan; T. Seki; L. D. Yu; U. Tippawan; J. Matsuo
25-Nov-2016Critical low-energy Ar-ion beam conditions to induce direct DNA double strand breakP. Thopan; L. D. Yu; U. Tippawan
15-Dec-2015Effect of cold atmospheric pressure He-plasma jet on DNA change and mutationC. Yaopromsiri; L. D. Yu; S. Sarapirom; P. Thopan; D. Boonyawan
1-Jan-2018Gas cooling secondary ions emitted by gas cluster ion beam at the travelling-wave ion guide of a Q-ToF-SIMS systemP. Thopan; T. Seki; L. D. Yu; U. Tippawan; J. Matsuo
1-May-2014Influence of nitrogen ion implantation on filtration of fluoride and cadmium using polysulfone/chitosan blend membranesP. Wanichapichart; W. Bootluck; P. Thopan; L. D. Yu
1-Jan-2013An ion beam deceleration lens for ultra-low-energy ion bombardment of naked DNAP. Thopan; K. Prakrajang; P. Thongkumkoon; D. Suwannakachorn; L. D. Yu
1-Jan-2013Is low-energy-ion bombardment generated X-ray emission a secondary mutational source to ion-beam-induced genetic mutation?P. Thongkumkoon; K. Prakrajang; P. Thopan; C. Yaopromsiri; D. Suwannakachorn; L. D. Yu
15-Dec-2015Measurement of ultra-low ion energy of decelerated ion beam using a deflecting electric fieldP. Thopan; D. Suwannakachorn; U. Tippawan; L. D. Yu
1-Jan-2014Measurement of ultra-low ion-beam energyP. Thopan; D. Suwannakachorn; S. Singkarat; L. D. Yu
1-May-2014Mechanisms of ion-bombardment-induced DNA transfer into bacterial E. coli cellsL. D. Yu; K. Sangwijit; K. Prakrajang; B. Phanchaisri; P. Thongkumkoon; P. Thopan; S. Singkarat; S. Anuntalabhochai
1-Jan-2013MeV single-ion beam irradiation of mammalian cells using the Surrey vertical nanobeam, compared with broad proton beam and X-ray irradiationsK. Prakrajang; J. C.G. Jeynes; M. J. Merchant; K. Kirkby; N. Kirkby; P. Thopan; L. D. Yu
15-Jul-2019Modification effects of low-energy (∼10 eV/amu) carbon ion beams on naked DNAP. Thopan; L. D. Yu; U. Tippawan
1-May-2014Ultra-low-energy (<10 eV/u) ion beam bombardment effect on naked DNAP. Thopan; P. Thongkumkoon; K. Prakrajang; D. Suwannakachorn; L. D. Yu