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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-May-20121H-NMR analysis of degree of substitution in N,O-carboxymethyl chitosans from various chitosan sources and typesA. Jaidee; P. Rachtanapun; S. Luangkamin
1-Apr-2022Antioxidant potential and quality traits of black garlic from microwave heating and hot steam incubationP. Sunanta; P. Rachtanapun; K. Jantanasakulwong; S. R. Sommano
25-Jul-2011Characterization and antimicrobial properties of fluorine-rich carbon films deposited on poly(lactic acid)D. Boonyawan; S. Sarapirom; S. Tunma; C. Chaiwong; P. Rachtanapun; R. Auras
15-May-2012Characterization of chitosan and carboxymethyl chitosan films from various sources and molecular sizesP. Rachtanapun; M. Jakkaew; R. Suriyatem
15-May-2012Effect of molecular sizes, sources of chitosan and plasticizer types on properties of carboxymethyl chitosan filmsJ. Tantala; C. Rachtanapun; P. Rachtanapun
1-Jun-2010Effect of plasma treatment on hydrophobicity and barrier property of polylactic acidC. Chaiwong; P. Rachtanapun; P. Wongchaiya; R. Auras; D. Boonyawan
14-Aug-2012Effect of sodium hydroxide concentration on properties of carboxymethyl rice starchP. Rachtanapun; P. Simasatitkul; W. Chaiwan; Y. Watthanaworasakun
5-Jan-2008Effect of solvent plasticization on polypropylene microcellular foaming process and foam characteristicsW. Kaewmesri; P. Rachtanapun; J. Pumchusak
5-Feb-2010Effect of sulphur hexafluoride (SF<inf>6</inf>) plasma on hydrophobicity of methylcellulose filmP. Rachtanapun; P. Wongchiaya; D. Boonyawan
1-Jan-2012Effects of treatment time by sulphur hexafluoride (SF<inf>6</inf>) plasma on barrier and mechanical properties of paperboardT. Jinkarn; S. Thawornwiriyanan; D. Boonyawan; P. Rachtanapun; S. Sane
1-Sep-2009Factors affecting migration of vanillin from chitosan/methyl cellulose filmsJ. Sangsuwan; N. Rattanapanone; R. A. Auras; B. R. Harte; P. Rachtanapun
11-Apr-2013Influence of storage temperature on ethanol content, microbial growth and other properties of queen pineapple fruitD. T M Quyen; A. Joomwong; P. Rachtanapun
1-Jan-2015Investigation and modeling of moisture sorption behaviour of rice starch/carboxymethyl chitosan blend filmsR. Suriyatem; C. Rachtanapun; P. Raviyan; P. Intipunya; P. Rachtanapun
25-Aug-2013Plasma polymerization of hexamethyldisiloxane: Investigation of the effect of carrier gas related to the film propertiesC. Chaiwong; P. Rachtanapun; S. Sarapirom; D. Boonyawan
15-May-2012Prediction models for moisture sorption isotherms of soy protein isolate/carboxymethyl chitosan/oleic acid blend filmsP. Rachtanapun; R. Suriyatem
1-Jun-2022Preparation of a protein drink from fish protein hydrolysate obtained from tilapia skin wasteS. Osiriphun; S. Wangtueai; P. Rachtanapun; W. Jirarattanarangsri
15-May-2012Preparation of polycaprolactone/ethanolic extract propolis nanofibers filmsK. Sutjarittangtham; S. Sanpa; T. Tunkasiri; P. Rachtanapun; P. Chantawannakul; U. Intatha; K. Pengpat; G. Rujijanagul; S. Eitssayeam
1-Jan-2015Value added of mulberry paper waste by carboxymethylation for preparation a packaging filmP. Rachtanapun; S. Kumthai; N. Mulkarat; N. Pintajam; R. Suriyatem