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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2021Density measurement of multi-layered material using gamma-ray transmission techniqueP. Limkitjaroenporn; N. Wongdamnern; S. Kothan; J. Kaewkhao
1-Aug-2017Development of BaO–ZnO–B<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>glasses as a radiation shielding materialN. Chanthima; J. Kaewkhao; P. Limkitjaroenporn; S. Tuscharoen; S. Kothan; M. Tungjai; S. Kaewjaeng; S. Sarachai; P. Limsuwan
1-Sep-2021Development of bismuth alumino borosilicate glass for radiation shielding materialN. Sangwaranatee; W. Cheewasukhanont; P. Limkitjaroenporn; P. Borisut; N. Wongdamnern; F. Khrongchaiyaphum; S. Kothan; J. Kaewkhao
1-Jan-2021Development of New High Transparency Pb-Free Radiation Shielding GlassP. Limkitjaroenporn; W. Cheewasukhanont; S. Kothan; J. Kaewkhao
15-Dec-2020Effect of BaO on lead free zinc barium tellurite glass for radiation shielding materials in nuclear applicationK. Boonin; P. Yasaka; P. Limkitjaroenporn; R. Rajaramakrishna; A. Askin; M. I. Sayyed; S. Kothan; J. Kaewkhao
1-Jul-2020The effect of particle size on radiation shielding properties for bismuth borosilicate glassW. Cheewasukhanont; P. Limkitjaroenporn; S. Kothan; C. Kedkaew; J. Kaewkhao
1-Dec-2021Electron and photon responses of CWO scintillation crystalT. Jomkaew; W. Chaiphaksa; K. Siengsanoh; P. Limkitjaroenporn; C. Kedkaew; H. J. Kim; S. Kothan; A. Prasatkhetragarn; J. Kaewkhao
1-Mar-2022High density of tungsten gadolinium borate glasses for radiation shielding material: Effect of WO3 concentrationW. Cheewasukhanont; P. Limkitjaroenporn; M. I. Sayyed; S. Kothan; H. J. Kim; J. Kaewkhao
1-Jan-2016Mass attenuation coefficients and partial interactions of BaO-ZnO-B<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>glasses systemS. Kothan; M. Tungjai; S. Sarachai; S. Kaewjaeng; S. Tuscharoen; P. Limkitjaroenporn; J. Kaewkhao
1-Nov-2021Photon interaction and electron nonproportional response of CLYC scintillation materialT. Jomkaew; W. Chaiphaksa; P. Limkitjaroenporn; H. J. Kim; S. Kothan; A. Prasatkhetragarn; J. Kaewkhao
1-Nov-2021The photon interactions and build-up factor for gadolinium sodium borate glass: Theoretical and experimental approachesS. Yonphan; P. Limkitjaroenporn; P. Borisut; S. Kothan; N. Wongdamnern; Abdullah M.S. Alhuthali; M. I. Sayyed; J. Kaewkhao
1-Nov-2022The properties of silicate glass specimens for photon, neutron, and charged particles shielding: The roles of Bi<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>W. Cheewasukhanont; K. Siengsanoh; P. Limkitjaroenporn; W. Chaiphaksa; S. Kothan; N. Intachai; H. J. Kim; J. Kaewkhao
1-Mar-2022The radioluminescence investigation of lead sodium borate doped with Sm<sup>3+</sup> glass scintillatorP. Limkitjaroenporn; N. Sangwaranatee; S. Yonphan; P. Borisut; S. Kothan; N. Wongdamnern; H. J. Kim; J. Kaewkhao