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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2021Development of DO*A and DO*B allele detections to predict transfusion-induced alloimmunization risks in Thai populationsTshering Wangmo; Kamphon Intharanut; Nipapan Leetrakool; Supattra Mitundee; Sasitorn Bejrachandra; Oytip Nathalang
1-Jan-2019Establishment of KEL*01 and KEL*02 Genotyping to Recruit Uncommon, Kell-positive, Reagent Red Cells among Thai Blood DonorsKamphon Intharanut; Onruedee Khantisitthiporn; Pawinee Kupatawintu; Nipapan Leetrakool; Supattra Mitundee; Oytip Nathalang
1-Jan-2015Frequencies of human neutrophil antigen-4 and human neutrophil antigen-5 among Thai blood donorsOnruedee Khantisitthiporn; Chollanot Kaset; Kamphon Intharanut; Nipapan Leetrakool; Oytip Nathalang
4-Dec-2013Frequency of FCGR3B alleles in Thai blood donorsChollanot Kaset; Nipapan Leetrakool; Kamphon Intharanut; Oytip Nathalang
1-Jan-2020Impact of using genotyping to predict SERF negative phenotype in Thai blood donor populationsOytip Nathalang; Kamphon Intharanut; Nipapan Leetrakool; Supattra Mitundee; Pawinee Kupatawintu
1-Jan-2014Kidd blood group allele frequencies in thai blood donorsAnan Sudkaew; Kamphon Intharanut; Nipapan Leetrakool; Oytip Nathalang
1-Jan-2018Predicted S and s phenotypes from genotyping results among Thai populations to prevent transfusion-induced alloimmunization risksOytip Nathalang; Roanne Marion Ang; Benjamaporn Kurin; Siralak Limprasert; Supattra Mitundee; Nipapan Leetrakool; Kamphon Intharanut
1-Sep-2017Red Cell Genotyping by Multiplex PCR Identifies Antigen-Matched Blood Units for Transfusion-Dependent Thai PatientsKamphon Intharanut; Sasitorn Bejrachandra; Siriporn Nathalang; Nipapan Leetrakool; Oytip Nathalang
21-Jan-2015Risk estimation of HNA-3 incompatibility and alloimmunization in thai populationsOytip Nathalang; Kamphon Intharanut; Kanokpol Siriphanthong; Siriporn Nathalang; Nipapan Leetrakool