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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2022Development of Carboxymethyl Chitosan Nanoparticles Prepared by Ultrasound-Assisted Technique for a Clindamycin HCl CarrierTanpong Chaiwarit; Sarana Rose Sommano; Pornchai Rachtanapun; Nutthapong Kantrong; Warintorn Ruksiriwanich; Mont Kumpugdee-Vollrath; Pensak Jantrawut
1-Sep-2022Dual Crosslinked Ion-Based Bacterial Cellulose Composite Hydrogel Containing Polyhexamethylene BiguanideBaramee Chanabodeechalermrung; Tanpong Chaiwarit; Sarana Rose Sommano; Pornchai Rachtanapun; Nutthapong Kantrong; Chuda Chittasupho; Pensak Jantrawut
1-Aug-2022Expression of human caspase-4 in the gingival epithelium affected with periodontitis: Its involvement in Porphyromonas gingivalis-challenged gingival epithelial cellsNutthapong Kantrong; Worakanya Buranaphatthana; Doosadee Hormdee; Waraporn Suwannarong; Rajda Chaichit; Komkham Pattanaporn; Poramaporn Klanrit; Suttichai Krisanaprakornkit
2-Apr-2021Extraction of tropical fruit peels and development of hpmc film containing the extracts as an active antibacterial packaging materialTanpong Chaiwarit; Nutthapong Kantrong; Sarana Rose Sommano; Pornchai Rachtanapun; Taepin Junmahasathien; Mont Kumpugdee-Vollrath; Pensak Jantrawut
1-May-2019Fabrication and characterization of low methoxyl pectin/gelatin/carboxymethyl cellulose absorbent hydrogel film for wound dressing applicationsPensak Jantrawut; Juthamart Bunrueangtha; Juthamart Suerthong; Nutthapong Kantrong
13-Sep-2018Preparation and evaluation of metronidazole-loaded pectin films for potentially targeting a microbial infection associated with periodontal diseaseTaepin Junmahasathien; Pattaraporn Panraksa; Paytaai Protiarn; Doosadee Hormdee; Rajda Noisombut; Nutthapong Kantrong; Pensak Jantrawut
1-May-2020Preparation of clindamycin hydrochloride loaded de-esterified low-methoxyl mango peel pectin film used as a topical drug delivery systemTanpong Chaiwarit; Pornchai Rachtanapun; Nutthapong Kantrong; Pensak Jantrawut
1-Mar-2022Synchrotron radiation analysis of root dentin: the roles of fluoride and calcium ions in hydroxyapatite remineralizationNutthapong Kantrong; Krassawan Khongkhaphet; Nutnicha Sitornsud; Pakaporn Lo-Apirukkul; Waraporn Phanprom; Catleya Rojviriya; Penphitcha Amonpattaratkit; Watcharaphong Ariyakriangkai