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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Apr-2017Application of software requirement engineering for ontology constructionSupavas Sitthithanasakul; Noppon Choosri
1-Jan-2018EditorialNoppon Choosri; Shuang Cang
3-Mar-2021The Effect of Sound in VR Exergame to Adult Player: A Primary InvestigationKrergkiat Wongutai; Patison Palee; Noppon Choosri
1-Jan-2015Hospital dietary planning system using constraint programmingNoppon Choosri; Sathita Anprasertphon
1-Jan-2018ICT enabled collaborative e-health for cleft lip/palate treatmentNoppon Choosri; Krit Khwanngern; Hongnian Yu; Krid Thongbunjob; Rattasit Sukhahuta; Juggapong Natwichai; Pruet Boonma; Anthony Atkins; Suriya Sitthikham
1-May-2017ICT framework for collaborative healthcare services: A case study of Cleft Lip/Palate treatment network in northern ThailandNoppon Choosri; Krit Khwanngem; Hongnian Yu; Krid Thongbunjob; Rattasit Sukhahuta; Juggapong Natwichai; Pruet Boonma
1-Jan-2017Physical interactive game for enhancing language cognitive development of Thai pre-schoolerNoppon Choosri; Chompoonut Pookao
1-Jan-2013Practical aspects of using passive UHF RFID technology for vehicle trackingNoppon Choosri; Hongnian Yu; Anthony Atkins
1-Sep-2020Serious Game for Teaching Undergraduate Medical Students in Cleft lip and Palate Treatment ProtocolPatison Palee; Noppon Wongta; Krit Khwanngern; Waritsara Jitmun; Noppon Choosri
Nov-2022The study of reward system affect the motivation of elderly player in virtual reality serious gamePatison Palee; Noppon Choosri; Krergkiat Wongutai
Aug-2023The study of user motivation when interact with a glove controller for rehabilitation application in virtual reality environmentNoppon Choosri; He, Kunze
3-Aug-2016A technical solution to improve the red cab for touring in Chiang Mai: Chinese tourists' perspectiveMiao Liu; Noppon Choosri
May-2022Usability study of physical user interface in interactive application for potentially applied for upper extremity rehabilitationNoppon Choosri; Sanya Utthayotha
28-Dec-2011Using constraint programming for split delivery scheduling in scarce resource environmentNoppon Choosri; Hongnian Yu; Anthony S. Atkins
1-May-2017Using ontology to enhance requirement engineering in agile software processSupavas Sitthithanasakul; Noppon Choosri
1-Jan-2020Virtual Reality Games for Stroke Rehabilitation: A Feasibility StudySupara Grudpan; Sirprapa Wattanakul; Noppon Choosri; Patison Palee; Noppon Wongta; Rainer Malaka; Jakkrit Klaphajone