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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2016Application of fuzzy C-Mean clustering base tree for measuring the effectiveness of corporateJirawat Teyakome; Narissara Eiamkanitchat; Komsan Suriya; Phichit Napook
1-Oct-2019Application of IoT using neuro-fuzzy based on thai speech classification to control model hospital bed with arduinoApisith Wongsorn; Krittakom Srijiranon; Narissara Eiamkanitchat
1-Jan-2015Application of neuro-fuzzy approaches to recognition and classification of infant cryKrittakom Srijiranon; Narissara Eiamkanitchat
6-Aug-2018Automatically Identifying Themes and Trends in Software Engineering ResearchKenneth Cosh; Sakgasit Ramingwong; Narissara Eiamkanitchat; Lachana Ramingwong
10-May-2019Collective neural networks system for PM<inf>10</inf> classification in the north of ThailandKrittakom Srijiranon; Narissara Eiamkanitchat
1-Jan-2019A comparative study on scrum simulationsSakgasit Ramingwong; Lachana Ramingwong; Kenneth Cosh; Narissara Eiamkanitchat
6-Aug-2018Curriculum Analysis Based on Cerebral Hemisphere Functions Using Association RuleXangyang; Sakgasit Ramingwong; Narissara Eiamkanitchat; Lachana Ramingwong
1-Jan-2016Decision support for the stocks trading using MLP and data mining techniquesNarissara Eiamkanitchat; Teerasak Moontui
27-Jul-2019Decision support system for dairy cattle management using computational intelligence techniqueAnamika Pimpa; Narissara Eiamkanitchat; Chirawath Phatsara; Tossapol Moonmanee
1-Jan-2019Defect-driven development: A new software development model for beginnersWacharapong Nachiengmai; Sakgasit Ramingwong; Kenneth Cosh; Lachana Ramingwong; Narissara Eiamkanitchat
1-Jan-2014Enhance neuro-fuzzy system for classification using dynamic clusteringPoonarin Wongchomphu; Narissara Eiamkanitchat
1-Jan-2017Ensemble MLP networks for voices command classification to control model car via piFace interface of raspberry PiNarissara Eiamkanitchat; Nontapat Kuntekul; Phasit Panyaphruek
1-Dec-2013The feature selection for classification by applying the Significant Matrix with SPEA2Ekapong Chuasuwan; Narissara Eiamkanitchat
1-Mar-2017Fundamental analysis and technical analysis integrated system for stock filtrationNarissara Eiamkanitchat; Theerasak Moontuy; Sakgasit Ramingwong
23-Mar-2017Fuzzy Clustering and Association Rule for Improvement of Visitor Spots in the LannaJirawat Teyakome; Narissara Eiamkanitchat; Korawan Sangkakorn; Phichit Napook
1-Jan-2022Hybrid ARIMAX and LSTM Model to Predict Rice Export Price in ThailandAtibodee Mahawan; Sutthiphong Jaiteang; Krittakom Srijiranon; Narissara Eiamkanitchat
1-Jan-2015Improvements the HANN-L2F for classification by using k-meansJirawat Teyakome; Narissara Eiamkanitchat
17-Jul-2020Increasing predictive accuracy of neuro-fuzzy using quartiles to initialize the membership functionKamonwan Chaisornying; Narissara Eiamkanitchat
1-Jan-2016Indicator circuits with incremental clustering and its applications on classification of firm’s performance and detection of high-yield stocks in the medium-termNatchanan Kiatrungwilaikun; Komsan Suriya; Narissara Eiamkanitchat
1-Sep-2021Investigation of PM<inf>10</inf> prediction utilizing data mining techniques: Analyze by topicKrittakom Srijiranon; Narissara Eiamkanitchat; Sakgasit Ramingwong; Kenneth Cosh; Lachana Ramingwong