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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2005Basic topological and geometric properties of Cesáro-Orlicz spacesYunan Cui; Henryk Hudzik; Narin Petrot; Suthep Suantai; Alicja Szymaszkiewicz
15-Mar-2009The criteria of strict monotonicity and rotundity points in generalized Calderón-Lozanovskiǐ spacesNarin Petrot; Suthep Suantai
1-Mar-2011Existence and stability of iterative algorithms for the system of nonlinear quasi-mixed equilibrium problemsSuthep Suantai; Narin Petrot
1-Jan-2016Fixed point theorems for prešić almost contraction mappings in orbitally complete metric spaces endowed with directed graphsPornpimon Boriwan; Narin Petrot; Suthep Suantai
25-Dec-2015Fuzzy fixed point theorems on the complete fuzzy spaces under supremum metricSuthep Suantai; Narin Petrot; Warut Saksirikun
2005Geometric Properties of Generalized Cesaro and Metric Linear Spaces = สมบัติเรขาคณิตของปริภูมิเซซาโรวางนัยทั่วไปและปริภูมิเชิงเส้นแบบเมตริก / Narin PetrotNarin Petrot
2-Aug-2021Inertial extragradient methods for solving split equilibrium problemsSuthep Suantai; Narin Petrot; Manatchanok Khonchaliew
1-Nov-2019Iterative methods for finding solutions of a class of split feasibility problems over fixed point sets in Hilbert spacesSuthep Suantai; Narin Petrot; Montira Suwannaprapa
1-Feb-2007On the James constant and B-convexity of Cesàro and Cesàro-Orlicz sequence spacesLech Maligranda; Narin Petrot; Suthep Suantai
2001Rotundity in Orlicz vector - valued sequence spaces / Narin PetrotNarin Petrot
31-Dec-2005Uniform Opial properties in generalized Cesàro sequence spacesNarin Petrot; Suthep Suantai
1-Dec-2016Weak convergence theorems for split feasibility problems on zeros of the sum of monotone operators and fixed point sets in Hilbert spacesMontira Suwannaprapa; Narin Petrot; Suthep Suantai