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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2020Antifungal activity and molecular mechanisms of partial purified antifungal proteins from rhinacanthus nasutus against talaromyces marneffeiJuthatip Jeenkeawpieam; Supachai Yodkeeree; Alex Andrianopoulos; Sittiruk Roytrakul; Monsicha Pongpom
1-Jan-2021Antifungal properties of protein extracts from thai medicinal plants to opportunistic fungal pathogensJuthatip Jeenkeawpieam; Supachai Yodkeeree; Sittiruk Roytrakul; Monsicha Pongpom
1-Jan-2013Antioxidative and immunogenic properties of catalase-peroxidase protein in Penicillium marneffeiMonsicha Pongpom; Pritsana Sawatdeechaikul; Aksarakorn Kummasook; Sophit Khanthawong; Nongnuch Vanittanakom
3-Dec-2009Application of nested PCR to detect Penicillium marneffei in serum samplesMonsicha Pongpom; Thira Sirisanthana; Nongnuch Vanittanakom
1-Jul-2021The clinical features and prognostic factors for treatment outcomes of dematiaceous fungal keratitis over 9 years at a tertiary eye care in northern thailandChulaluck Tangmonkongvoragul; Susama Chokesuwattanaskul; Napaporn Tananuvat; Monsicha Pongpom; Phit Upaphong; Sinthirath Saysithidej; Muanploy Niparugs; Siriporn Chongkae
1-Sep-2020Expression of Talaromyces marneffei acuM and acuK genes in gluconeogenic substrates and various iron concentrationsMonsicha Pongpom; Artid Amsri; Panwarit Sukantamala; Phimchat Suwannaphong; Juthatip Jeenkeawpieam
1-Jul-2021Fungal keratitis at a tertiary eye care in Northern Thailand: Etiology and prognostic factors for treatment outcomesNapaporn Tananuvat; Phit Upaphong; Chulaluck Tangmonkongvoragul; Muanploy Niparugs; Winai Chaidaroon; Monsicha Pongpom
Nov-2022Genetic manipulation to enhance siderophore production in Talaromyces marneffeiMonsicha Pongpom; Artid Amsri; Sirida Youngchim; Parameth Thiennimitr; Somdet Srichairatanakool
1-Jan-2018An investigation into the possible regulation of the expression of genes by yapA in Talaromyces marneffei using the qRT-PCR methodWiyada Dankai; Monsicha Pongpom; Nongnuch Vanittanakom
3-Dec-2009Isolation and expression of heat shock protein 30 gene from Penicillium marneffeiNongnuch Vanittanakom; Monsicha Pongpom; Jutarat Praparattanapan; Chester R. Cooper; Thira Sirisanthana
1-Apr-2011Penicillium marneffei actin expression during phase transition, oxidative stress, and macrophage infectionAksarakorn Kummasook; Ariya Tzarphmaag; Sophit Thirach; Monsicha Pongpom; Chester R. Cooper; Nongnuch Vanittanakom
1-Oct-2021Role of acuK in control of iron acquisition and gluconeogenesis in talaromyces marneffeiArtid Amsri; Juthatip Jeenkeawpieam; Panwarit Sukantamala; Monsicha Pongpom
Oct-2020Role of AcuM and AcuK Transcription Factors in Regulation of Target Genes Involving Iron Assimilation and Gluconeogenesis in Talaromyces marneffeiPanwarit Sukantamala; Monsicha Pongpom
1-Sep-2022The Role of the Glutathione System in Stress Adaptation, Morphogenesis and Virulence of Pathogenic FungiTanaporn Wangsanut; Monsicha Pongpom
1-Oct-2016Theyapa encodes bZip transcription factor involved in stress tolerance in pathogenic fungus Talaromyces marneffeiWiyada Dankai; Monsicha Pongpom; Sirida Youngchim; Chester R. Cooper; Nongnuch Vanittanakom
1-Nov-2015Validation of reference genes for real-time quantitative RT-PCR studies in Talaromyces marneffeiWiyada Dankai; Monsicha Pongpom; Nongnuch Vanittanakom