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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2020Comparative study of host-associated and commercial probiotic effects on serum and mucosal immune parameters, intestinal microbiota, digestive enzymes activity and growth performance of roach (Rutilus rutilus caspicus) fingerlingsReza Tarkhani; Ahmad Imani; Seyed Hossein Hoseinifar; Omid Ashayerizadeh; Kourosh Sarvi Moghanlou; Ramin Manaffar; Hien Van Doan; Miriam Reverter
1-Apr-2020Dietary supplementation of lemon verbena (Aloysia citrodora) improved immunity, immune-related genes expression and antioxidant enzymes in rainbow trout (Oncorrhyncus mykiss)Seyed Hossein Hoseinifar; Meysam Shakouri; Hien Van Doan; Shafigh Shafiei; Morteza Yousefi; Mojtaba Raeisi; Samira Yousefi; Ramasamy Harikrishnan; Miriam Reverter
15-Apr-2021Effects of dietary Russian olive, Elaeagnus angustifolia, leaf extract on growth, hematological, immunological, and antioxidant parameters in common carp, Cyprinus carpioSeyyed Morteza Hoseini; Ali Taheri Mirghaed; Yousef Iri; Seyed Hossein Hoseinifar; Hien Van Doan; Miriam Reverter
15-Dec-2021Enhanced growth performance, oxidative capacity and immune responses of common carp, Cyprinus carpio fed with Artemisia absinthium extract-supplemented dietMorteza Yousefi; Saeed Zahedi; Miriam Reverter; Hossein Adineh; Seyyed Morteza Hoseini; Hien Van Doan; Ehab R. El-Haroun; Seyed Hossein Hoseinifar
1-Feb-2022Hepatic transcriptomic and histopathological responses of common carp, Cyprinus carpio, to copper and microplastic exposureSeyyed Morteza Hoseini; Kave Khosraviani; Fatemeh Hosseinpour Delavar; Mohammad Arghideh; Fatemeh Zavvar; Seyed Hossein Hoseinifar; Hien Van Doan; Erfan Zabihi; Miriam Reverter
1-Feb-2021Protective effects of black seed (Nigella sativa) diet supplementation in common carp (Cyprinus carpio) against immune depression, oxidative stress and metabolism dysfunction induced by glyphosateMorteza Yousefi; Hossein Adineh; Miriam Reverter; Mohammad Khademi Hamidi; Yury Anatolyevich Vatnikov; Evgeny Vladimirovich Kulikov; Seyed Hossein Hoseinifar; Hien Van Doan