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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2017Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Pedestrian Traffic Monitoring and Management for Shopping StreetsChomphunut Sutheerakul; Nopadon Kronprasert; Manop Kaewmoracharoen; Preda Pichayapan
1-Jan-2021Construction planning and scheduling of a renovation project using bim-based multi-objective genetic algorithmPornpote Nusen; Wanarut Boonyung; Sunita Nusen; Kriengsak Panuwatwanich; Paskorn Champrasert; Manop Kaewmoracharoen
1-Aug-2016Harmonisation of contract laws in ASEAN: Completeness of contractNantanat Jintapitak; Manop Kaewmoracharoen
1-Jul-2013Innovative technologies used to investigate segments of the Inca roadEdward J. Jaselskis; Clifford J. Schexnayder; Christine Fiori; Timothy C. Becker; Wu Chueh Hung; Christine Beckman; Manop Kaewmoracharoen; Gerardo Chang Recavarren; Manuel Celaya; Daniela Alarcon
3-Jan-2022Multiuser immersive virtual reality application for real-time remote collaboration to enhance design review process in the social distancing eraSunseng Tea; Kriengsak Panuwatwanich; Rathavoot Ruthankoon; Manop Kaewmoracharoen
25-Feb-2021Resource Utilization Optimization using Genetic Algorithm based on Variation of Resource Fluctuation Moment for Extra-Large Building RenovationPornpote Nusen; Pratch Piyawongwisal; Sunita Nusen; Manop Kaewmoracharoen
1-Aug-2020Urban school area road safety improvement and assessment with a 3D piano-keyboard-styled pedestrian crossing approach: A case study of Chiang Mai University demonstration schoolPreda Pichayapan; Manop Kaewmoracharoen; Thanatchaporn Peansara; Patcharapan Nanthavisit
19-Sep-2012Using tele-engineering as a tool to reverse engineer the Inka RoadEdward J. Jaselskis; Clifford Schexnayder; Christine Fiori; Timothy C. Becker; Wu Chueh Andrew Hung; Christine Beckman; Manop Kaewmoracharoen; Kathleen Short
1-Nov-2021Virtual reality application to aid civil engineering laboratory course: A multicriteria comparative studySokkeang Try; Kriengsak Panuwatwanich; Ganchai Tanapornraweekit; Manop Kaewmoracharoen
1-Mar-2020Water irrigation decision support system for practicalweir adjustment using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniquesBenya Suntaranont; Somrawee Aramkul; Manop Kaewmoracharoen; Paskorn Champrasert