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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Application of MeV Ion Beam Induced X-ray Emission in Elemental Analysis of BiosamplesSudarat Wongke; Sirawut Natyanun; Liangdeng Yu; Chaiyon Chaiwai; Paitoon Narongchai; Udomrat Tippawan
5-Aug-2007Chitosan membrane filtering characteristics modification by N-ion beamsPikul Wanichapichart; Liangdeng Yu
25-Oct-2020A compact pulse-modulation air plasma jet for the inactivation of chronic wound bacteria: Bactericidal effects & host safetyPhuthidhorn Thana; Chakkrapong Kuensaen; Pipath Poramapijitwat; Sureeporn Sarapirom; Liangdeng Yu; Dheerawan Boonyawan
27-Jul-2007Corrigendum to: "Theoretical analysis on ratiometric fluorescent indicators caused biased estimates of intracellular free calcium concentrations" [J. Photochem. Photobiol. B: Biol. 78 (2005) 179-187] (DOI:10.1016/j.jphotobiol.2004.11.003)Zhiwen Hu; Liangdeng Yu; Zengliang Yu
25-Nov-2016Crystalline phases and optical properties of titanium dioxide films deposited on glass substrates by microwave methodWonchai Promnopas; Surin Promnopas; Thirawit Phonkhokkong; Titipun Thongtem; Dheerawan Boonyawan; Liangdeng Yu; Orawan Wiranwetchayan; Anukorn Phuruangrat; Somchai Thongtem
1-Dec-2017Effect of N<inf>2</inf>/O<inf>2</inf>composition on inactivation efficiency of Escherichia coli by discharge plasma at the gas-solution interfaceZhigang Ke; Prutchayawoot Thopan; Greg Fridman; Vandana Miller; Liangdeng Yu; Alexander Fridman; Qing Huang
1-Jan-2013Induction of antioxidant enzyme activity and lipid peroxidation level in ion-beam-bombarded rice seedsNuananong Semsang; Liangdeng Yu
1-Oct-2017Low-Energy Ion-Species-Dependent Induction of DNA Double-Strand Breaks: Ion Energy and Fluence ThresholdsPrutchayawoot Thopan; Liangdeng Yu; Ian G. Brown; Udomrat Tippawan
15-Jun-2018Low-energy N-ion beam biotechnology application in the induction of Thai jasmine rice mutant with improved seed storabilityNuananong Semsang; Jiranat Techarang; Liangdeng Yu; Boonrak Phanchaisri
25-Nov-2016Monte carlo and molecular dynamics simulations of surface modification of DNA interacted with ultra-low-energy carbon atomsVannajan Sanghiran Lee; Chanisorn Ngaojampa; Piyarat Nimmanpipug; Liangdeng Yu
1-Mar-2005Theoretical analysis on ratiometric fluorescent indicators caused biased estimates of intracellular free calcium concentrationsZhiwen Hu; Liangdeng Yu; Zengliang Yu
1-Jan-2015Ultraviolet-ray treatment of polysulfone membranes on the O&lt;inf&gt;2&lt;/inf&gt;/N&lt;inf&gt;2&lt;/inf&gt; and CO&lt;inf&gt;2&lt;/inf&gt;/CH&lt;inf&gt;4&lt;/inf&gt; separation performanceSutthisa Konruang; Suksawat Sirijarukul; Pikul Wanichapichart; Liangdeng Yu; Thawat Chittrakarn