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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2007Dynamic adjustment of age distribution in human resource management by genetic algorithmsNapat Harnpornchai; Nopasit Chakpitak; Tirapot Chandarasupsang; Tuang Ath Chaikijkosi; Keshav Dahal
1-Jan-2014The effectiveness of "Knowledge Management System" in research mentoring using knowledge engineeringPuangpet Sriwichai; Komsak Meksamoot; Nopasit Chakpitak; Keshav Dahal; Anchalee Jengjalean
1-Dec-2009Forecasting stock returns using variable selections with genetic algorithm and artificial neural-networksPrisadarng Skolpadungket; Keshav Dahal; Napat Harnpornchai
19-Apr-2017Healthcare Staff Routing Problem using adaptive Genetic Algorithms with Adaptive Local Search and Immigrant SchemeThepparit Sinthamrongruk; Keshav Dahal; Oranut Satiya; Thishnapha Vudhironarit; Pitipong Yodmongkol
1-Jan-2018Heuristic and fuzzy scheduling synergy with knowledge acquisition of resource selection system development for home healthcare serviceThepparit Sinthamrongruk; Keshav Dahal; Jirawit Yanchinda
8-Apr-2014JuiceGen: The JUnit test generation tool from the UML state machine diagramChartchai Doungsa-Ard; Keshav Dahal; Zeeshan Pervez
31-Jan-2019Multi-Dimensional E-commerce Trust Evaluation MethodNasser Alsharif; Keshav Dahal; Zeeshan Pervez; Pradorn Sureephong
1-Dec-2007Portfolio optimization using multi-objective genetic algorithmsPrisadarng Skolpadungket; Keshav Dahal; Napat Harnpornchai
15-Apr-2019Production plan scheduling on electronic factoryThepparit Sinthamrongruk; Pongsavat Premphet; Uttapol Smutkupt; Keshav Dahal; Lorraine Smith
4-Feb-2016Serious game to motivate the knowledge sharing among knowledge technicians in machinery relocation of foreign direct investmentPiang Or Loahavilai; Nopasit Chakpitak; Pradorn Sureephong; Keshav Dahal
16-Feb-2018STEM learning concept with fuzzy inference for organic rice farming knowledge acquisitionJirawit Yanchinda; Thepparit Sinthamrongruk; Keshav Dahal