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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2013Cement mortars hybridized with zeolite and zeolite-like materials made of lignite bottom ash for heavy metal encapsulationKedsarin Pimraksa; Prinya Chindaprasirt; Tanwalak Huanjit; Clarence Tang; Tsugio Sato
1-Jan-2019Challenge of adopting relatively low strength and self-cured geopolymer for road construction application: a review and primary laboratory studyPeerapong Jitsangiam; Teewara Suwan; Kedsarin Pimraksa; Piti Sukontasukkul; Prinya Chindaprasirt
1-Mar-2012Compressive strength, flexural strength and thermal conductivity of autoclaved concrete block made using bottom ash as cement replacement materialsWatcharapong Wongkeo; Pailyn Thongsanitgarn; Kedsarin Pimraksa; Arnon Chaipanich
1-Jan-2014Development of engobe samples for Dan Kwian ceramic bodyChaisiri Luangnaem; Apha Sathonsaowaphak; Onlamee Kamon-In; Kedsarin Pimraksa
4-Feb-2022Effect of adding carboxymethyl cellulose, zeolite and microcrystalline cellulose on the optical and mechanical properties of latex composite filmsChakkresit Chindawong; Naruemon Setthaya; Pagasukon Mekrattanachai; Nattapong Damrongwiriyanupap; Kedsarin Pimraksa; Diethelm Johannsmann
1-Jan-2021Effect of calcium hydroxide content on pozzolanic reaction of calcined clays: Their mechanical properties and microstructuresSupalak Suttikul; Kanyarat Ano; Kedsarin Pimraksa
1-Feb-2011Electrical conductivity and dielectric property of fly ash geopolymer pastesSakonwan Hanjitsuwan; Prinya Chindaprasirt; Kedsarin Pimraksa
1-Oct-2020Geopolymer/Zeolite composite materials with adsorptive and photocatalytic properties for dye removalKedsarin Pimraksa; Naruemon Setthaya; Maneerat Thala; Prinya Chindaprasirt; Mitsuhiro Murayama
1-Aug-2012Improved geopolymerization of bottom ash by incorporating fly ash and using waste gypsum as additiveKornkanok Boonserm; Vanchai Sata; Kedsarin Pimraksa; Prinya Chindaprasirt
1-Jun-2012Microstructure and strength of blended FBC-PCC fly ash geopolymer containing gypsum as an additiveKornkanok Boonserm; Vanchai Sata; Kedsarin Pimraksa; Prinya Chindaprasirt
1-Jan-2022Modified zeolite from metakaolin and fly ash as efficient adsorbent for cationic methylene blue dye removalNaruemon Setthaya; Kedsarin Pimraksa; Nattapong Damrongwiriyanupap; Dimitrios Panias; Pagasukon Mekrattanachai; Chakkresit Chindawong
1-Jan-2016Preparation of zeolite nanocrystals via hydrothermal and solvothermal synthesis using of rice husk ash and metakaolinNaruemon Setthaya; Prinya Chindaprasirt; Kedsarin Pimraksa
1-Jan-2018Sulfoaluminate cement-based concreteKedsarin Pimraksa; Prinya Chindaprasirt
8-Oct-2013Synthesis of faujasite and analcime using of rice husk ash and metakaolinNaruemon Setthaya; Chitsophin Pindi; Prinya Chindaprasirt; Kedsarin Pimraksa
1-Dec-2010Synthesis of zeolite phases from combustion by-productsKedsarin Pimraksa; Prinya Chindaprasirt; Naruemon Setthaya
8-Oct-2013Thermal activation on phase formation of alkaline activated kaolin based systemSomsak Boonjaeng; Kedsarin Pimraksa; Arnon Chaipanich; Sutin Kuharuangrong; Prinya Chindaprasirt
15-May-2017TiO<inf>2</inf>-zeolite photocatalysts made of metakaolin and rice husk ash for removal of methylene blue dyeNaruemon Setthaya; Prinya Chindaprasirt; Shu Yin; Kedsarin Pimraksa
1-Jan-2017Variable factors controlling amorphous-zeolite phase transformation in metakaolin based geopolymerKannikar Juengsuwattananon; Kedsarin Pimraksa
1-Mar-2022Water absorption and compressive strength of various coal fly ash-based geopolymer pastesChakkresit Chindawong; Kedsarin Pimraksa; Nattapong Damrongwiriyanupap; Naruemon Setthaya; Panias Dimitrios
30-Aug-2009Workability and strength of lignite bottom ash geopolymer mortarApha Sathonsaowaphak; Prinya Chindaprasirt; Kedsarin Pimraksa