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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2010Development and validation of a battery model useful for discharging and charging power control and lifetime estimationVivek Agarwal; Kasemsak Uthaichana; Raymond A. Decarlo; Lefteri H. Tsoukalas
22-Feb-2022Development of industrial scale continuous flow drying machine using radio frequency and hot air for Paddy riceSa-nguansak Thanapornpoonpong; Kasemsak Uthaichana; Pornsiri Suebpongsung; Karn Chitsuthipakorn
1-Jan-2017Effect of non-thermal plasma on physicochemical properties of nam dok mai mangoKhanh Phan Thi Kim; Huan Phan Tai; Kasemsak Uthaichana; Yuthana Phimolsiripol
1-Jan-2009Friction estimation and compensation for rotational system using unscented Kalman filterBoonsri Kaewkham-Ai; Kasemsak Uthaichana
19-Aug-2013Hybrid model predictive control for the stabilization of wheeled mobile robots subject to wheel slippageShangming Wei; Kasemsak Uthaichana; Milos Zefran; Raymond Decarlo
1-Jan-2022Innovative Success Stories on Commercial Non-thermal Technologies - Interviews of Major Food Industries Working in This AreaYuthana Phimolsiripol; Kasemsak Uthaichana; Noppol Leksawasdi; Choncharoen Sawangrat
1-Feb-2019Integration of project-based learning into control system laboratory course for electrical engineering studentsBoonsri Kaewkham-Ai; Kasemsak Uthaichana
2-Oct-2012Li-Ion battery sizing and dynamic programming for optimal power-split control in a hybrid electric vehicleJariya Rurgladdapan; Kasemsak Uthaichana; Boonsri Kaewkham-Ai
27-Jun-2016Modeling of closed-loop flue gas path system for desulfurization in power plant under severe load changing conditionsTeerayuth Tongbarn; Boonsri Kaewkham-Ai; Kasemsak Uthaichana
1-Jun-2020Modeling of Color Improvement of Ruby Corundum Gemstone via Oxygen Ion Implantation TreatmentWeerapat Buaprasert; Boonsri Kaewkham-Ai; Kasemsak Uthaichana
1-Jan-2014Modeling of flue gas path system for desulfurization in power plant with k-fold cross validationTeerayuth Tongbarn; Boonsri Kaewkham-Ai; Kasemsak Uthaichana
1-Jan-2014Modeling of LiFePO4 battery state of charge with recovery effect as a three-mode switched systemSitthipong Chamnan-Arsa; Kasemsak Uthaichana; Boonsri Kaewkham-Ai
3-Sep-2009MPC of switching in a boost converter using a hybrid state model with a sliding mode observerFriedrich Martin Oettmeier; Jason Neely; Steve Pekarek; Raymond DeCarlo; Kasemsak Uthaichana
1-Dec-2010Noise covariance estimation using dual estimation for disturbance storm time index applicationBoonsri Kaewkham-ai; Kasemsak Uthaichana
1-Jan-2009Non-symmetric charge sustaining strategy for supervisory predictive control of batteries in hybrid electric vehiclesKasemsak Uthaichana
19-Aug-2013Optimal Li-Ion battery sizing on PEMFC hybrid powertrain using dynamic programmingJariya Rurgladdapan; Kasemsak Uthaichana; Boonsri Kaewkham-Ai
1-Jan-2017The Performance and Efficiency of Organic Electrolyte Redox Flow Battery PrototypeKris Likit-Anurak; Kasemsak Uthaichana; Konlayutt Punyawudho; Yottana Khunatorn