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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-May-2021Advance in compact structure-preserving manner to the Rosenau–Kawahara model of shallow-water waveBen Wongsaijai; Phakdi Charoensawan; Tanadon Chaobankoh; Kanyuta Poochinapan
1-Jan-2021An algorithm for the split feasible problem and image restorationRaweerote Suparatulatorn; Phakdi Charoensawan; Kanyuta Poochinapan; Supreedee Dangskul
Sep-2023Enhancement of heuristic optimization algorithms based on evolutionary computational methods and applicationsThanasak Mouktonglang; Thaned Rojsiraphisal; Kanyuta Poochinapan; Wipawinee Chaiwino
1-Feb-2019High Voltage Power Line Maintenance Inspection by Using Smart RoboticsThongchai Disyadej; Jatuporn Promjan; Kanyuta Poochinapan; Thanasak Mouktonglang; Stanislaw Grzybowski; Paisarn Muneesawang
1-Jun-2021Identifying the locations of atmospheric pollution point source by using a hybrid particle swarm optimizationWipawinee Chaiwino; Panasun Manorot; Kanyuta Poochinapan; Thanasak Mouktonglang
1-Jan-2019Inertial self-adaptive algorithm for solving split feasible problems with applications to image restorationRaweerote Suparatulatorn; Phakdi Charoensawan; Kanyuta Poochinapan
1-Dec-2020A mass-conservative higher-order ADI method for solving unsteady convection–diffusion equationsBen Wongsaijai; Nattakorn Sukantamala; Kanyuta Poochinapan
1-Jan-2014A modified three-level average linear-implicit finite difference method for the Rosenau-Burgers equationJiraporn Janwised; Ben Wongsaijai; Thanasak Mouktonglang; Kanyuta Poochinapan
1-Jan-2022A novel convenient finite difference method for shallow water waves derived by fifth-order Kortweg and De-Vries-type equationKanyuta Poochinapan; Ben Wongsaijai
1-Dec-2022Numerical analysis for solving Allen-Cahn equation in 1D and 2D based on higher-order compact structure-preserving difference schemeKanyuta Poochinapan; Ben Wongsaijai
2001Numerical methods for an ion transport problem / Kanyuta PoochinapanKanyuta Poochinapan
1-Feb-2021On the identification of nonlinear terms in the generalized Camassa-Holm equation involving dual-power law nonlinearitiesSupawan Nanta; Suriyon Yimnet; Kanyuta Poochinapan; Ben Wongsaijai
15-Sep-2021Optimal decay rates of the dissipative shallow water waves modeled by coupling the Rosenau-RLW equation and the Rosenau-Burgers equation with power of nonlinearityBen Wongsaijai; Kanyuta Poochinapan
1-Apr-2022Robust Finite-Time Control of Discrete-Time Switched Positive Time-Varying Delay Systems with Exogenous Disturbance and Their ApplicationThanasak Mouktonglang; Kanyuta Poochinapan; Suriyon Yimnet
1-Jun-2020Smart transmission line maintenance and inspection using mobile robotsThongchai Disyadej; Surat Kwanmuang; Paisarn Muneesawang; Jatuporn Promjan; Kanyuta Poochinapan
Dec-2020Stability and Finite-time Stability of Dynamical Systems with Time-delayPiyapong Niamsup; Thaned Rojsiraphisal; Kanyuta Poochinapan; Suriyon Yimnet; สุริยล ยิ้มเนตร