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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2020Antibacterial activities of acetic acid against major and minor pathogens isolated from mastitis in dairy cowsNoppason Pangprasit; Anyaphat Srithanasuwan; Witaya Suriyasathaporn; Surachai Pikulkaew; John K. Bernard; Wasana Chaisri
1-May-2021The current state of biosecurity and welfare of ornamental fish population in pet fish stores in chiang mai province, thailandBanthita Saengsitthisak; Veerasak Punyapornwithaya; Wasana Chaisri; Raktham Mektrirat; John K. Bernard; Surachai Pikulkaew
1-Apr-2020Effect of supplemental Kluyveromyces marxianus and Pichia kudriavzevii on aflatoxin M<inf>1</inf> excretion in milk of lactating dairy cowsMalinee Intanoo; Mallika B. Kongkeitkajorn; Witaya Suriyasathaporn; Yupin Phasuk; John K. Bernard; Virote Pattarajinda
1-Jun-2021Effects of supplemental Bacillus subtilis, injectable vitamin E plus selenium, or both on health parameters during the transition period in dairy cows in a tropical environmentWatcharapong Choonkham; Montira Intanon; Teera Chewonarin; John K. Bernard; Witaya Suriyasathaporn
6-Dec-2020First Evidence of Carp Edema Virus Infection of Koi Cyprinus carpio in Chiang Mai Province, ThailandSurachai Pikulkaew; Khathawat Phatwan; Wijit Banlunara; Montira Intanon; John K. Bernard
1-Nov-2020Occurrence and antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of multidrug-resistant aeromonads isolated from freshwater ornamental fish in chiang mai provinceBanthita Saengsitthisak; Wasana Chaisri; Veerasak Punyapornwithaya; Raktham Mektrirat; Srikanjana Klayraung; John K. Bernard; Surachai Pikulkaew