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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Mar-2017Anti-inflammatory activity of niosomes entrapped with Plai oil (Zingiber cassumunar Roxb.) by therapeutic ultrasound in a rat modelJirakrit Leelarungrayub; Jiradej Manorsoi; Aranya Manorsoi
6-Sep-2023Antioxidant activity of honey with Star fruit concentrated product and its effects combined with exercise on oxidative stress and physical function in healthy elderly.Jirakrit Leelarungrayub; Surapol Natakankitkul; Jakkrit Klaphajone; Jynwara Kaju
13-Feb-2017Antioxidant compounds and activities of the stem, flower, and leaf extracts of the anti-smoking Thai medicinal plant: Vernonia cinerea LessNitinet Ketsuwan; Jirakrit Leelarungrayub; Suchart Kothan; Supawatchara Singhatong
6-Sep-2016Changes in oxidative stress from tracheal aspirates sampled during chest physical therapy in hospitalized intubated infant patients with pneumonia and secretion retentionJirakrit Leelarungrayub; Thirasak Borisuthibandit; Araya Yankai; Kritsana Boontha
1-Sep-2022Comparative active compounds and antioxidant activity between the sweet-and sour-type star fruit (Averrhoa carambola L.) In VitroJynwara Kaju; Jirakrit Leelarungrayub; Surapol Natakankitkul; Supawatchara Singhatong; Chanchai Dechthummarong; James J. Laskin
1-May-2016Consumption of star fruit juice on pro-inflammatory markers and walking distance in the community dwelling elderlyJirakrit Leelarungrayub; James J. Laskin; Richard J. Bloomer; Decha Pinkaew
1-Jan-2021Correlation and Predicted Equations of MIP/MEP from the Pulmonary Function, Demographics and Anthropometrics in Healthy Thai Participants aged 19 to 50 YearsThanyaluck Sriboonreung; Jirakrit Leelarungrayub; Araya Yankai; Rungthip Puntumetakul
1-Jul-2017Correlation between lung injury score, PvO<inf>2</inf>/FiO<inf>2</inf>ratio and oxidative stress markers in tracheal aspirate samples in intubated infant patients during chest physical therapyJirakrit Leelarungrayub; Thirasak Borisuthibandit; Decha Pinkaew; Araya Yankai
1-Sep-2018Effect of artificial respiratory muscle training in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseDecha Pinkaew; Jirakrit Leelarungrayub; Khanittha Wonglangka; Jakkrit Klaphajone
12-May-2017Effects of a simple prototype respiratory muscle trainer on respiratory muscle strength, quality of life and dyspnea, and oxidative stress in COPD patients: A preliminary studyJirakrit Leelarungrayub; Decha Pinkaew; Rungthip Puntumetakul; Jakkrit Klaphajone
1-Sep-2017Effects of banana (Musa Sapientum Linn) consumption for physical strength, metabolic response, oxidative stress, lipid profiles, and interleukin-23 in healthy men: A preliminary studyJirakrit Leelarungrayub; Arisa Parameyong; Wichai Eungpinichpong; Jakkrit Klaphajone
1-Mar-2017Effects of L-carnitine supplementation on metabolic utilization of oxygen and lipid profile among trained and untrained humansJirakrit Leelarungrayub; Decha Pinkaew; Jakkrit Klaphajone; Wichai Eungpinichpong; Richard J. Bloomer
1-Apr-2016Effects of manual percussion during postural drainage on lung volumes and metabolic status in healthy subjectsJirakrit Leelarungrayub; Wichai Eungpinichpong; Jakkrit Klaphajone; Mujalin Prasannarong; Kritsana Boontha
1-Jan-2020Potential of hard candy containing spray-dried vernonia cinerea extract with total phenolic compounds, total flavonoids and nicotine replacement as an anti-smoking aidRungtiwa Kanthain; Supawatchara Singhatong; Surapol Natakankitkul; Nathupakorn Dechsupa; Jirakrit Leelarungrayub
31-Aug-2016A preliminary study on the effects of star fruit consumption on antioxidant and lipid status in elderly Thai individualsJirakrit Leelarungrayub; Araya Yankai; Decha Pinkaew; Rungthip Puntumetakul; James J. Laskin; Richard J. Bloomer
1-Nov-2021Preliminary study: Immediate effect of the slow deep breathing exercise and sustained maximal inspiration with volume-oriented incentive spirometry on the diffusing lung capacity in healthy young participantsAraya Yankai; Jirakrit Leelarungrayub; Rungtiwa Kanthain; James J. Laskin
1-Jan-2020Prototype star fruit-honey product and effectiveness on antixidants, inflammation and walking distance in participants with stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)Yothin Pothasak; Jirakrit Leelarungrayub; Surapol Natakankitkul; Supawatchara Singhatong
4-Oct-2016Short-term pulmonary rehabilitation for a female patient with chronic scleroderma under a single-case research designJirakrit Leelarungrayub; Decha Pinkaew; Khanittha Wonglangka; Wichai Eungpinichpong; Jakkrit Klaphajone
1-Oct-2017Simple artificial training device for respiratory muscle strength and lung volumes in healthy young male and female subjects: A pilot studyJirakrit Leelarungrayub; Decha Pinkaew; Araya Yankai; Busaba Chautrakoon; Rungtiwa Kuntain
1-Jun-2016Variation of knee angle and leg length for predicting VO<inf>2max</inf>in healthy male volunteers using the queen’s college step testMana Sopalard; Jirakrit Leelarungrayub; Jakkrit Klaphajone