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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Aug-2008Anti-inflammatory activity of gel containing novel elastic niosomes entrapped with diclofenac diethylammoniumA. Manosroi; P. Jantrawut; J. Manosroi
1-Sep-2006Biotransformation of cortexolone to hydrocortisone by molds using a rapid color development assay.J. Manosroi; Y. Chisti; A. Manosroi
1-Sep-2006Biotransformation of cortexolone to hydrocortisone by molds using a rapid color-development assayJ. Manosroi; Y. Chisti; A. Manosroi
1-Jan-2005Determination of bioactive compounds in roots of different ages Pueraria mirifica, airy shaw suvatabhandhu and Butea superba, roxb. from various locations in ThailandA. Manosroi; J. Manosroi
14-Jul-2005The entrapment of kojic oleate in bilayer vesiclesA. Manosroi; P. Wongtrakul; J. Manosroi; U. Midorikawa; Y. Hanyu; M. Yuasa; F. Sugawara; H. Sakai; M. Abe
1-Jun-2005Free radical scavenging activity of extracts from Thai plants in Guttiferae and Schisandraceae familiesJ. Manosroi; R. Wilairat; A. Kijjoa; A. Manosroi
3-Oct-2005In vitro immunomodulatory effect of Pouteria cambodiana (Pierre ex Dubard) Baehni extractA. Manosroi; A. Saraphanchotiwitthaya; J. Manosroi
1-Jan-2020In vivo anti-ageing activity of cream containing niosomes loaded with purple glutinous rice (Oryza sativa Linn.) extractJ. Manosroi; C. Chankhampan; W. Kitdamrongtham; J. Zhang; M. Abe; T. Akihisa; W. Manosroi; A. Manosroi
31-Oct-2005In vivo immunomodulating activity of wood extracts from Clausena excavata Burm. f.A. Manosroi; A. Saraphanchotiwitthaya; J. Manosroi
1-Jan-2013Low cytotoxic elastic niosomes loaded with salmon calcitonin on human skin fibroblastsAranya Manosroi; C. Chankhampan; H. Ofoghi; W. Manosroi; J. Manosroi
1-Jan-2013Potent and prolonged hypoglycemic activity of an oral insulin - Tat mixture in diabetic miceJ. Manosroi; T. Tangjai; R. G. Werner; F. Götz; W. Manosroi; A. Manosroi
1-Jun-2009Safety assessment of azelaic acid and its derivatives entrapped in nanovesiclesA. Panyosak; J. Manosroi; Y. Rojanasakul; A. Manosroi
22-May-2008Stability of luciferase plasmid entrapped in cationic bilayer vesiclesA. Manosroi; K. Thathang; R. G. Werner; R. Schubert; J. Manosroi
1-Jan-2020Using herbal and traditional medicinal products is the risk factor of adrenal insufficiency in Thailand: The retrospective cohort studyW. Manosroi; S. Buranapin; P. Atthakomol; A. Manosroi; J. Manosroi