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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018Colletotrichum acidae sp. nov. from northern Thailand and a new record of C. dematium on Iris sp.M. C. Samarakoon; D. Peršoh; K. D. Hyde; T. S. Bulgakov; I. S. Manawasinghe; R. S. Jayawardena; I. Promputtha
1-Jan-2016Divergence and ranking of taxa across the kingdoms Animalia, Fungi and PlantaeM. C. Samarakoon; K. D. Hyde; I. Promputtha; H. A. Ariyawansa; Sinang Hongsanan
1-Jan-2016Evolution of Xylariomycetidae (Ascomycota: Sordariomycetes)M. C. Samarakoon; Kevin D. Hyde; I. Promputtha; S. Hongsanan; H. A. Ariyawansa; S. S.N. Maharachchikumbura; D. A. Daranagama; M. Stadler; A. Mapook
1-Jan-2017A family level rDNA based phylogeny of cucurbitariaceae and fenestellaceae with descriptions of new fenestella species and neocucurbitaria gen. nov.D. N. Wanasinghe; R. Phookamsak; R. Jeewon; Wen Jing Li; K. D. Hyde; E. B.G. Jones; E. Camporesi; I. Promputtha
1-Dec-2005Fungi on Magnolia liliifera: Cheiromyces magnoliae sp. nov. from dead branchesI. Promputtha; K. D. Hyde; P. Lumyong; E. H C McKenzie; S. Lumyong
1-Jan-2021Life in leaf litter: Fungal community succession during decompositionD. S. Tennakoon; E. Gentekaki; R. Jeewon; C. H. Kuo; I. Promputtha; K. D. Hyde
1-Jan-2017Magnicamarosporium diospyricola sp. nov. (sulcatisporaceae) from ThailandC. Phukhamsakda; D. J. Bhat; S. Hongsanan; S. Tibpromma; J. B. Yang; I. Promputtha
1-Jan-2017Morphophylogenetic study of Sydowiellaceae reveals several new generaI. C. Senanayake; S. S.N. Maharachchikumbura; R. Jeewon; I. Promputtha; A. M. Al-Sadi; E. Camporesi; K. D. Hyde
1-Jan-2005A new species of Anthostomella on Magnolia liliifera from northern ThailandI. Promputtha; S. Lumyong; P. Lumyong; E. H C McKenzie; K. D. Hyde
1-Jan-2019Succession and natural occurrence of saprobic fungi on leaves of Berchemia floribunda (climber) and their association with Magnolia liliifera (host)I. Promputtha; E. H.C. McKenzie; D. S. Tennakoon; S. Lumyong; K. D. Hyde