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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2018Effects of cross-mating on susceptibility of synonymous mosquitoes, Anopheles paraliae and Anopheles lesteri to infection with nocturnally subperiodic Brugia malayiWatcharatip Dedkhad; Lyric C. Bartholomay; Bruce M. Christensen; Deepak Joshi; Kritsana Taai; Chayanit Hempolchom; Atiporn Saeung
27-Sep-2018Immune responses of Aedes togoi, Anopheles paraliae and Anopheles lesteri against nocturnally subperiodic Brugia malayi microfilariae during migration from the midgut to the site of developmentWatcharatip Dedkhad; Bruce M. Christensen; Lyric C. Bartholomay; Deepak Joshi; Chayanit Hempolchom; Atiporn Saeung
1-Dec-2008Nonreproductive isolation among four allopatric strains of anopheles sinensis in AsiaMi Hyun Park; Wej Choochote; Se Joo Kim; Pradya Somboon; Atiporn Saeung; Benjawan Tuetan; Yoshio Tsuda; Masahiro Takagi; Deepak Joshi; Yajun Ma; Gi Sik Min
1-Sep-2011Preliminary vivax malaria vector competence for three members of the anopheles hyrcanus group in the republic of KoreaDeepak Joshi; Jung Yeon Kim; Wej Choochote; Mi Hyun Park; Gi Sik Min
1-Jan-2008Reproductive isolations of Anopheles sinensis from Anopheles lesteri and Anopheles sineroides in KoreaMi Hyun Park; Wej Choochote; Anuluck Junkum; Deepak Joshi; Benjawan Tuetan; Atiporn Saeung; Jae Ho Jung; Gi Sik Min
1-Dec-2009Short report: Natural hybrid between Anopheles kleini and Anopheles sinensisDeepak Joshi; Wej Choochote; Gi S. Min
1-Jan-2011Susceptibility of anopheles campestris-like and anopheles barbirostris species complexes to Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax in ThailandSorawat Thongsahuan; Visut Baimai; Anuluck Junkum; Atiporn Saeung; Gi Sik Min; Deepak Joshi; Mi Hyun Park; Pradya Somboon; Wannapa Suwonkerd; Pongsri Tippawangkosol; Narissara Jariyapan; Wej Choochote
21-Apr-2009The susceptibility of Anopheles lesteri to infection with Korean strain of Plasmodium vivaxDeepak Joshi; Wej Choochote; Mi Hyun Park; Jung Yeon Kim; Tong Soo Kim; Wannapa Suwonkerd; Gi Sik Min