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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Mar-2021Analysis of Chinese Tourist's Behavior for Thai Shopping Mall Advertising DesignMin Min; Danaitun Pongpatcharatrontep
Jul-2021Analysis of Chinese tourists behavior for Thai shopping mall advertisement designDanaitun Pongpatcharatrontep; Min Min
1-Mar-2020Analysis of Chinese Tourists Occur Safety Problem in Chiang Mai ThailandFeifei Jiang; Danaitun Pongpatcharatrontep
14-May-2024Comparative analysis of opening and operating Thai-Chinese online stores for small entrepreneursDanaitun Pongpatcharatrontep; Li, Wenting
Jan-2024Comparative analysis of the cosmetics supply chain imported from China to ThailandDanaitun Pongpatcharatrontep; Ye, Ping
1-Mar-2020Design a Density Map of Chinese Tourists Journey in Chiang Mai CityWang Bo; Danaitun Pongpatcharatrontep
22-Jan-2019Designing a Compilation Process for Handbook of Chinese for Specific Purposes: A Case of Trade Exhibition Chinese for Thai EntrepreneursGao Min; Atichart Harncharnchai; Danaitun Pongpatcharatrontep; Chalermpon Kongjit
-Development of importing certified process on processing fruits to China for Thai SMEsDanaitun Pongpatcharatrontep; Zhuang, Hao
Oct-2020Development of Standard Manual for Facial Massage Training Using Work Study MethodDanaitun Pongpatcharatrontep; Pitipong Yodmongkol; Cao Linxia
1-Mar-2020Kano Model for Identifying Cross-Border e-Commerce Factors to Export Thai SMEs Products to ChinaCaiyun Fan; Danaitun Pongpatcharatrontep
3-Mar-2021Prototyping the Knowledge Model for Solving the Problem of Online Cosmetic Survey Questionnaire through CommonKADS MethodologyLi Na; Danaitun Pongpatcharatrontep
1-Jan-2022Research on the Service Quality of Chinese Tourists' Medical Cosmetology Tourism in ThailandXu Pang; Danaitun Pongpatcharatrontep
1-Jan-2022A Social Recommendation Framework for Chinese Long-stayers in Chiang MaiDIe Hu; Danaitun Pongpatcharatrontep; Sirikorn Santirojanakul; Achara Khamaksorn
23-Feb-2022A Social recommendation framework for Chinese long-stayers in Chiang MaiAchara Khamaksorn; Danaitun Pongpatcharatrontep; Hu, Die
Jul-2020A Value chain analysis of B2B2C cross-border e-commerce for Chiang Mai fruit community enterpriseDanaitun Pongpatcharatrontep; Yin Yilan