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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015Appropriate postharvest management to reduce losses of vegetables in the royal project foundationD. Boonyakiat; P. B. Poonlarp; C. Chuamuangphan; M. Chanta
1-Jan-2016Assessment of internal quality of Japanese pumpkin (cucurbita maxima) using near infrared spectroscopyN. Muenmanee; A. Joomwong; J. Natwichai; D. Boonyakiat
1-Jan-2016Changes in physico-chemical properties during fruit development of Japanese pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima)N. Muenmanee; A. Joomwong; J. Natwichai; D. Boonyakiat
1-Jan-2015Changes of postharvest quality in passion fruit (Passiflora edulis Sims) under modified atmosphere packaging conditionsP. Maniwara; D. Boonyakiat; P. B. Poonlarp; J. Natwichai; K. Nakano
1-Jan-2005A comparison of anatomical changes between normal and chilling injury longan fruit pericarpS. Jaitrong; N. Rattanapanone; D. Boonyakiat; E. Baldwin
1-Jan-2016Comparison of physico-chemical quality of different strawberry cultivars at three maturity stagesD. Boonyakiat; C. Chuamuangphan; P. Maniwara; P. Seehanam
11-Nov-2010Effect of vacuum cooling and different storage temperatures on physico-chemical properties of broccoliP. Boonprasom; D. Boonyakiat
11-Nov-2010Effect of vacuum cooling and packaging on physico-chemical properties of 'Red' holy basilD. Boonyakiat; P. Boonprasom
11-Nov-2010Effect of vacuum cooling operation parameters on cooling time and weight loss of 'Red' holy basilP. Boonprasom; D. Boonyakiat
4-Apr-2018Improving postharvest handling of the Royal Project vegetablesP. Poonlarp; D. Boonyakiat; C. Chuamuangphan; M. Chanta
31-Jan-2009Morphological descriptors and male sterility in the genetic diversity of Chillies (Capsicum annuum L.)M. Nikornpun; K. Sukwiwat; C. Chaimokol; A. Payakhapaab; D. Boonyakiat
31-Jan-2009Post-harvest technology and marketing of vegetables in the royal project foundationD. Boonyakiat
11-Dec-2014Postharvest handling of temperate fruits in the highland of northern ThailandD. Boonyakiat
1-Jan-2007Postharvest quality of organic vegetables grown in the highlands of northern ThailandD. Boonyakiat; N. Mingmuang; C. Chuamuangphan
30-Jun-2015Reduction of free radical content and chilling injury in 'Nam Dok Mai No. 4' mango fruit with methyl jasmonate during low temperature storageC. Junmatong; W. Chomkitichai; D. Boonyakiat; J. Uthaibutra; K. Saengnil
11-Nov-2010Relationship between susceptibility to Anthracnose disease and antifungal compounds content in fruit latex of Thai mangoW. Kumpoun; D. Boonyakiat
4-Apr-2018Research and development on postharvest management of the Royal Project flowersD. Boonyakiat; P. Poonlarp; C. Chuamuangphan
1-Dec-2007The Royal Project Packing House quality assuranceD. Boonyakiat; K. Janchamchoi