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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Aug-2013Analysis of traditional knowledge in medicinal plants used by Yuan in ThailandAngkhana Inta; Paritat Trisonthi; Chusie Trisonthi
7-Apr-2008The benefits of pollination for a fig waspYaowanit Tarachai; Stephen G. Compton; Chusie Trisonthi
28-Mar-2008A comparative study on medicinal plants used in Akha's traditional medicine in China and Thailand, cultural coherence or ecological divergence?Angkhana Inta; Pei Shengji; Henrik Balslev; Prasit Wangpakapattanawong; Chusie Trisonthi
1-Jan-2019Cross-cultural Comparison of Medicinal Plants Used to Treat Infections in Northern ThailandKamonnate Srithi; Chusie Trisonthi; Angkhana Inta; Henrik Balslev
25-Mar-2018Ethnomedicinal plant diversity in ThailandMethee Phumthum; Kamonnate Srithi; Angkhana Inta; Auemporn Junsongduang; Kornkanok Tangjitman; Wittaya Pongamornkul; Chusie Trisonthi; Henrik Balslev
9-Apr-2015Ethnomedicinal plants used for digestive system disorders by the Karen of northern ThailandKornkanok Tangjitman; Chalobol Wongsawad; Kaweesin Kamwong; Treetip Sukkho; Chusie Trisonthi
1-Jun-2016Genetic diversity patterns of rice (Oryza sativa L.) landraces after migration by Tai Lue and Akha between China and ThailandAngkhana Inta; Henrik Balslev; Mats H.G. Gustafsson; Jane Frydenberg; Jatupol Kampuansai; Prasit Wangpakapattanawong; Siam Popluechai; Pei Shengji; Chusie Trisonthi; Carla Lambertini
1-Aug-2009Management and use of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn. in Thai wetlandsWoranuch La-Ongsri; Chusie Trisonthi; Henrik Balslev
22-Jun-2009Medicinal plant knowledge and its erosion among the Mien (Yao) in northern ThailandKamonnate Srithi; Henrik Balslev; Prasit Wangpakapattanawong; Prachaya Srisanga; Chusie Trisonthi
6-Jan-2012Medicinal plants used in Hmong women's healthcare in northern ThailandKamonnate Srithi; Chusie Trisonthi; Prasit Wangpakapattanawong; Henrik Balslev
26-Dec-2011Morphological, anatomic and karyotypic characteristics of Peliosanthes teta AndrewPhichai Chaikla; Chuntana Suwanthada; Chusie Trisonthi
1-Jun-2012Plant Diversity in Hmong and Mien Homegardens in Northern ThailandKamonnate Srithi; Chusie Trisonthi; Prasit Wangpakapattanawong; Prachaya Srisanga; Henrik Balslev
1-Jan-2015Potential impact of climatic change on medicinal plants used in the Karen women’s health care in Northern ThailandKornkanok Tangjitman; Chusie Trisonthi; Chalobol Wongsawad; Sarun Jitaree; Jens Christian Svenning
1-Apr-2009A synopsis of Thai nymphaeaceaeWoranuch La-Ongsri; Chusie Trisonthi; Henrik Balslev
28-Oct-2013Traditional knowledge on medicinal plant of the Karen in northern Thailand: A comparative studyKornkanok Tangjitman; Chalobol Wongsawad; Piyawan Winijchaiyanan; Treetip Sukkho; Kaweesin Kamwong; Wittaya Pongamornkul; Chusie Trisonthi
1-Jun-2017Weed Diversity and Uses: a Case Study from Tea Plantations in Northern ThailandKamonnate Srithi; Henrik Balslev; Wattana Tanming; Chusie Trisonthi