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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2016Anterior chamber gas bubbles during femtosecond laser flap creationSomsanguan Ausayakhun; Winai Chaidaroon; Napaporn Tananuvat; Chulaluck Tangmonkongvoragul; Muanploy Niparugs
1-Feb-2018Anterior segment and external ocular disorders associated with HIV infections in the era of HAART in Chiang Mai University Hospital, a prospective descriptive cross sectional studyTassapol Singalavanija; Somsanguan Ausayakhun; Chulaluck Tangmonkongvoragul
1-Apr-2012Causes of visual acuity loss among HIV-infected patients with cytomegalovirus retinitis in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy in Chiang Mai University Hospital.Chulaluck Tangmonkongvoragul; Somsanguan Ausayakhun
1-Jul-2021The clinical features and prognostic factors for treatment outcomes of dematiaceous fungal keratitis over 9 years at a tertiary eye care in northern thailandChulaluck Tangmonkongvoragul; Susama Chokesuwattanaskul; Napaporn Tananuvat; Monsicha Pongpom; Phit Upaphong; Sinthirath Saysithidej; Muanploy Niparugs; Siriporn Chongkae
1-Jan-2022Comorbidities in Corneal Refractive Surgery Candidates: A Cross-Sectional StudyPhit Upaphong; Napaporn Tananuvat; Somsanguan Ausayakhun; Winai Chaidaroon; Chulaluck Tangmonkongvoragul; Muanploy Niparugs
7-Feb-2018Corneal perforation after noncontact tonometry in patients with active recurrent herpes simplex keratitis: case reportNapaporn Tananuvat; Atitaya Apivatthakakul; Chulaluck Tangmonkongvoragul
1-Jul-2021Fungal keratitis at a tertiary eye care in Northern Thailand: Etiology and prognostic factors for treatment outcomesNapaporn Tananuvat; Phit Upaphong; Chulaluck Tangmonkongvoragul; Muanploy Niparugs; Winai Chaidaroon; Monsicha Pongpom
1-Jun-2021Fungal keratitis in northern thailand: Spectrum of agents, risk factors and putative virulence factorsSiriporn Chongkae; Sirida Youngchim; Joshua D. Nosanchuk; Angkana Laliam; Chulaluck Tangmonkongvoragul; Kritsada Pruksaphon
1-Jan-2020Incidence and predisposing factors of anterior chamber gas bubbles during femtosecond laser flap creationMuanploy Niparugs; Sumet Supalaset; Chulaluck Tangmonkongvoragul; Napaporn Tananuvat; Winai Chaidaroon; Somsanguan Ausayakhun
1-Apr-2012Incidence of cytomegalovirus retinitis in patients with human immunodeficiency virus following negative initial screening examination resultsJenny Chen; Somsanguan Ausayakhun; Chulaluck Tangmonkongvoragul; Sakarin Ausayakhun; Choeng Jirawison; Todd P. Margolis; Jeremy D. Keenan
2018Late-onset intrascleral dissemination of Pseudomonas aeruginosa scleritis following pterygium excisionSomsanguan Ausayakhun; Chulaluck Tangmonkongvoragul; Napaporn Tananuvat; Muanploy Niparugs; Sumet Supalaset
1-Jan-2018Outcomes of LASIK for myopia or myopic astigmatism correction with the FS200 femtosecond laser and EX500 excimer laser platformMuanploy Niparugs; Napaporn Tananuvat; Winai Chaidaroon; Chulaluck Tangmonkongvoragul; Somsanguan Ausayakhun
1-Mar-2022Prevalence of symptomatic dry eye disease with associated risk factors among medical students at Chiang Mai University due to increased screen time and stress during COVID-19 pandemicChulaluck Tangmonkongvoragul; Susama Chokesuwattanaskul; Chetupon Khankaeo; Ruethairat Punyasevee; Lapat Nakkara; Suttipat Moolsan; Onpreeya Unruan
1-Jan-2021Twelve-Month Outcomes of the Wavefront-Optimized Photorefractive Keratectomy for High Myopic Correction Compared with Low-to-Moderate MyopiaNapaporn Tananuvat; Pawara Winaikosol; Muanploy Niparugs; Winai Chaidaroon; Chulaluck Tangmonkongvoragul; Somsanguan Ausayakhun
1-Jan-2021Two-step transepithelial photorefractive keratectomy with wavelight ex500 platform for adolescents and adults with low to moderate myopia: A 12-month comparative evaluationChulaluck Tangmonkongvoragul; Sumet Supalaset; Napaporn Tananuvat; Somsanguan Ausayakhun