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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-May-2022Deep-blue high-efficiency triplet-triplet annihilation organic light-emitting diodes using hydroxyl-substituted tetraphenylimidazole-functionalized anthracene fluorescent emittersWan Li; Pongsakorn Chasing; Phattananawee Nalaoh; Thanyarat Chawanpunyawat; Nuttapong Chantanop; Chattarika Sukpattanacharoen; Nawee Kungwan; Praweena Wongkaew; Taweesak Sudyoadsuk; Vinich Promarak
21-Dec-2020Formation of Excimers in Isoquinolinyl Pyrazolate Pt(II) Complexes: Role of Cooperativity EffectsChattarika Sukpattanacharoen; Prashant Kumar; Yun Chi; Nawee Kungwan; Daniel Escudero
5-Nov-2019Heteroatom substitution effect on electronic structures, photophysical properties, and excited-state intramolecular proton transfer processes of 3-hydroxyflavone and its analogues: A TD-DFT studyChattarika Sukpattanacharoen; Rusrina Salaeh; Vinich Promarak; Daniel Escudero; Nawee Kungwan
15-Jul-2022Hydroxy-Tetraphenylimidazole Derivatives as Efficient Blue Emissive Materials for Electroluminescent DevicesWan Li; Pongsakorn Chasing; Phattananawee Nalaoh; Thanyarat Chawanpunyawat; Chattarika Sukpattanacharoen; Nawee Kungwan; Taweesak Sudyoadsuk; Vinich Promarak
1-Jun-2020Modulation of Solid-State Aggregation of Square-Planar Pt(II) Based Emitters: Enabling Highly Efficient Deep-Red/Near Infrared ElectroluminescenceWen Cheng Chen; Chattarika Sukpattanacharoen; Wei Hsiang Chan; Chun Chi Huang; Hsiu Fu Hsu; Dong Shen; Wen Yi Hung; Nawee Kungwan; Daniel Escudero; Chun Sing Lee; Yun Chi
4-May-2020A Solid-State Luminescent Cd(II) Supramolecular Coordination Framework Based on Mixed Luminophores as a Sensor for Discriminatively Selective Detection of Amine VaporsSujitra Tunsrichon; Chattarika Sukpattanacharoen; Daniel Escudero; Nawee Kungwan; Sujittra Youngme; Jaursup Boonmak
1-Mar-2021Theoretical insights of solvent effect on excited-state proton transfers of 2-aryl-3-hydroxyquinoloneChattarika Sukpattanacharoen; Nawee Kungwan
Mar-2021Theoretical insights on the influence of Heteroatom substituents, polar solvents, and aggregations of luminescent materialsNawee Kungwan; Praput Thavornyutikarn; Chanisorn Ngaojampa; Protons; Chattarika Sukpattanacharoen