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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Carburization and nitridation of titanium-aluminium alloys = คาร์บูไรเซชั่นและไนไตรเดชั่นของโลหะผสมไทเทเนียมและอลูมิเนียม / Chatdanai BoonruangChatdanai Boonruang
1-Mar-2022Characterization of Ancient Burial Pottery of Ban Muang Bua Archaeological Site (Northeastern Thailand) Using X-ray SpectroscopiesChatdanai Boonruang; Krit Won-In; Nontarat Nimsuwan; Phakkhananan Pakawanit; Udomrat Tippawan; Chome Thongleurm; Pisutti Dararutana
26-Oct-2020Characterization of polyurea elastomer used for blast mitigationKrit Won-In; Chatdanai Boonruang; Pisutti Dararutana
1-Jan-2005Deposition of TiC on γ-TiAl alloys by directly applying voltagesChatdanai Boonruang; Titipun Thongtem; Michael McNallan; Somsorn Singkarat; Somchai Thongtem
1-Nov-2016Design of boiler welding for improvement of lifetime and cost controlAtcharawadi Thong-On; Chatdanai Boonruang
1-Dec-2020The effect of a weak magnetic field (0 t to 0.4 t) on the valence band and intramolecular hydrogen of inorganic aerosol metal–nitrogen gas chemical reactions in a sparking discharge processStefan Ručman; Chatdanai Boonruang; Pisith Singjai
1-Dec-2021Effect of nano-grain carbide formation on electrochemical behavior of 316L stainless steelChatdanai Boonruang; Wutipong Sanumang
1-Dec-2018Effect of nanograin-boundary networks generation on corrosion of carburized martensitic stainless steelChatdanai Boonruang; Atcharawadi Thong-On; Pinit Kidkhunthod
1-May-2010Fast processing technique for tic coatings on titaniumChatdanai Boonruang; Somchai Thongtem
1-Dec-2019Impact property of TiAl<inf>3</inf>–Ti laminated composite fabricated from metallic sandwichChatdanai Boonruang; Angkrich Theppawong
1-Sep-2005Nitridation of γ-TiAl alloys by direct metal-gas reaction at 1000-1300 KSomchai Thongtem; Chatdanai Boonruang; Titipun Thongtem; Michael McNallan
1-Oct-2022Phase transition and optical characteristics of Mg doped CuAlO<inf>2</inf> synthesized by facile thermal decomposition processYanee Keereeta; Watee Panthuwat; Tawat Suriwong; Reungruthai Sirirak; Anurak Prasatkhetragarn; Chatdanai Boonruang; Arrak Klinbumrung
1-Jan-2022Physical and optical properties of barium-based glass doped with Nd<sup>3+</sup> prepared from Thai raw materialsChatdanai Boonruang; Krit Won-in; Pisutti Dararutana
1-Jan-2015Post-weld heat treatment effects on hardness and impact strength of aluminum alloy 6061 friction stir Butt weldJitlada Boonma; Sookkaew Khammuangsa; Kanokwan Uttarasak; Jirapan Dutchaneephet; Chatdanai Boonruang; Narin Sirikulrat
30-Oct-2009Surface modification of TiAl alloy via current heating techniqueChatdanai Boonruang; Somchai Thongtem
1-Jan-2022Synchrotron Radiation Study on Ancient Burnt Rice Found at Archaeological Sites in ThailandChatdanai Boonruang; Krit Won-In; Somchai Tancharakorn; Phakkananan Pakawanit; Kanjana Thumanu; Pisutti Dararutana
1-Jan-2016Tribological and corrosion behaviors of carburized AISI 4340 steelAtcharawadi Thong-On; Chatdanai Boonruang
1-Jan-2014Tribological behavior of Ti-5Al-2.5Sn, Ti-10v-2Fe-3Al and Ti-38al carburized via current heating technique with graphite powdersChatdanai Boonruang; Atcharawadi Thong-on