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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2021Diversity of purple rice (Oryza sativa l.) landraces in northern ThailandSuksan Fongfon; Tonapha Pusadee; Chanakan Prom-U-Thai; Benjavan Rerkasem; Sansanee Jamjod
1-Apr-2013Effect of different foliar zinc application at different growth stages on seed zinc concentration and its impact on seedling vigor in ricePanomwan Boonchuay; Ismail Cakmak; Benjavan Rerkasem; Chanakan Prom-U-Thai
1-Sep-2022Improve Anthocyanin and Zinc Concentration in Purple Rice by Nitrogen and Zinc Fertilizer ApplicationSuchila Utasee; Sansanee Jamjod; Sittisavet Lordkaew; Chanakan Prom-U-Thai
6-Apr-2016The involvement of OsPHO1;1 in the regulation of iron transport through integration of phosphate and Zinc deficiency signalingChorpet Saenchai; Nadia Bouain; Mushtak Kisko; Chanakan Prom-U-Thai; Patrick Doumas; Hatem Rouached
1-Jun-2006Iron (Fe) bioavailability and the distribution of anti-Fe nutrition biochemicals in the unpolished, polished grain and bran fraction of five rice genotypesChanakan Prom-U-Thai; Longbin Huang; Raymond P. Glahn; Ross M. Welch; Shu Fukai; Benjavan Rerkasem
1-Dec-2015Iron and zinc variation along the grain length of different Thai rice varietiesSuwannee Laenoi; Chanakan Prom-U-Thai; Bernard Dell; Benjavan Rerkasem
10-Mar-2017Phosphorus and iron deficiencies influences rice shoot growth in an oxygen dependent manner: Insight from upland and lowland riceJenjira Mongon; Nanthana Chaiwong; Nadia Bouain; Chanakan Prom-U-Thai; David Secco; Hatem Rouached
1-Apr-2022Promoting seedling vigour and grain zinc accumulation in rice by priming seeds and foliar application with zinc and potassium fertiliserSupapohn Yamuangmorn; Suchada Jumrus; Sansanee Jamjod; Chanakan Prom-U-Thai
1-Jan-2021Sunn hemp (Crotalaria juncea) weed suppression and allelopathy at different timingsApirat Bundit; Michael Ostlie; Chanakan Prom-U-Thai
1-Jan-2017The time of flooding occurrence is critical for yield production in rice and vary in a genotype-dependent mannerJenjira Mongon; Arom Jantasorn; Prateep Oupkaew; Chanakan Prom-U-Thai; Hatem Rouached
1-Jan-2014Uneven distribution of zinc in the dorsal and ventral sections of rice grainPennapa Jaksomsak; Preeyaporn Sangruan; Gordon Thomson; Benjavan Rerkasem; Bernard Dell; Chanakan Prom-U-Thai
1-Jan-2020Variation in nutritional quality of pigmented rice varieties under different water regimesPennapa Jaksomsak; Benjavan Rerkasem; Chanakan Prom-U-Thai
14-Aug-2015Variation of seed zinc in a local upland rice germplasm from ThailandPennapa Jaksomsak; Narit Yimyam; Bernard Dell; Chanakan Prom-U-Thai; Benjavan Rerkasem
1-Jun-2012Zinc priming promotes seed germination and seedling vigor of riceChanakan Prom-U-Thai; Benjavan Rerkasem; Atilla Yazici; Ismail Cakmak